12 Foolproof Outfit Formulas For When It’s Really, Really Hot

Summer may be in full swing, but with La Niña sticking around to put a damper on our fun, getting dressed has become somewhat of a challenge.

Where we thought we'd be donning micro-mini skirts, sandals and slip dresses, the unpredictable weather seems to have thrown all our plans to the wayside. From the heat and humidity coming together to form the least ideal of atmospheres, to the tedious shifts between downpours and intense sunshine, our wardrobe choices are now a little confused, to say the least. Slip dresses are great but don't mix too well with rain — or sweat, for that matter. Sandals help to beat the heat but don't quite endure unexpected showers so well.
But it's not impossible to prepare for and to help you out a bit, we've put together a compilation of clever outfit ideas that'll provide plenty of inspiration for your day-to-day dressing.
Read on for twelve easy peasy outfit formulas that'll get you through any kind of summer weather.
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