9 Hacks For Managing Your Hair When It’s Humid As Hell Outside

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As we endure some of the worst humidity that this planet has ever experienced, leaving the house can pose some challenges. From getting dressed in light-but-sweat-proof clothing to trying in vain to slather on makeup, it's not exactly the time of year when we thrive. But where some of us are hit hardest is on our heads. Flyaways take on a life of their own and attempts to style our hair are proven futile as soon as we step outside into that damp heat.
The reason this happens is when all the moisture in the air causes hydrogen bonds to form between water molecules and the proteins in your hair, leading to curlier strands and frizz. Not quite Monica Gellar in Barbados — for some of us, anyway — just an exaggerated, more difficult version of your natural texture.
Now, frizz certainly isn't your enemy, and there's a host of causes for it (dehydration, certain ingredients, genetics, to name a few) that have nothing to do with the weather, but that doesn't mean you can't take some steps to make your hair more manageable.
Ahead, we break down the tried-and-tested products and hacks we turn to when the humidity kicks in, so you can sit back and enjoy the sunshine.

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