Sun, Rain & Sun Again: Outfit Inspiration For This Confusing Weather

Photo via @brittanybathgate
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In an ideal world, a drop of rain wouldn’t touch us until at least April. But lately, with La Niña rearing its ugly head, it's felt like the weather just can't make up its mind, making it incredibly hard for us to get dressed.
So in the spirit of perfecting an outfit that accommodates warm temperatures, humidity as well as unexpected (and torrential) rain, we turned our attention to Instagram, of course. Dispel all ideas that your rainy day uniform should consist of giant outwear and a brolly that you borrowed from a mate and never returned. A bevy of women have managed to flawlessly tackle the sartorial dilemma so that we don't have to.
Whether you're committed to check prints, love a chunky boot or are pining after a quilted coat, soak up these seriously cool outfit formulas that you're bound to be rotating as the dreary skies continue to hit.
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