How to Style A Blazer: 5 Ideas From Work To Weekend

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There's been a lot of talk on the internet about #girlmath recently. While the trend pertains to many different topics, one of the most prominent is the rationalisation of clothing purchases based on cost per wear. For example, if you buy a dress for $100 and wear it 10 times, then according to #girlmath, it's only $10 per wear (which makes the purchase a total bargain...right?).
If you subscribe to the cost-per-wear shopping justification, then you're sure to be a fan of blazers. After all, as wardrobe staples go, there are few others that are as versatile or as popular as the humble blazer. The item is ubiquitous amongst fashion enthusiasts, appearing regularly in street-style images and TikTok GRWM videos.
Personally, I think you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't have a blazer (or three) hanging in their wardrobe, but are you utilising yours to its maximum #girlmath potential?
As an endlessly versatile wardrobe basic, blazers can seamlessly transition from workwear to casualwear and beyond. They're one of the few items that transcend dress codes, being equally appropriate for a coffee run or weekend lunch as they are for a night on the town or worn alongside a dress as a wedding guest.
As someone who likes to get the most use out of their clothing — and has been doing so long before the girl math era — this week, I set out to style one blazer five different ways, solidifying its status as one of the most hardworking items in my wardrobe. For the occasion, I opted for a classic black blazer in a slightly oversized silhouette and styled it for weekend wear, office days and even date nights.
I am rather petite, so instead of styling an on-trend oversized blazer, I chose a fitted blazer (from Mango, linked below!) and went up a size. I found that purchasing the fitted jacket in a size up gave me the desired casual, not corporate, oversized look, without drowning my smaller frame.
If you're looking to get more use out of the blazers in your closet, just keep scrolling. (Mine is basically free at this point.)

How To Style A Blazer For Work

Zoe Anastasiou
Wearing a blazer to the office might seem like a rather obvious styling choice, but gone are the days when a power suit was your only appropriate option. Now you can mix and match your blazer with any number of looks. Personally, I love wearing an oversized blazer alongside wide-leg trousers for a casual take on tailoring (not to mention, you'll be comfy while sitting behind your desk all day long).

How To Style A Blazer For The Weekend

Zoe Anastasiou
If jeans-and-a-white-tee is your go-to weekend outfit formula, this look is for you. Pairing a blazer with the outfit is the easiest way to add a sense of polish to the look, enhancing what is arguably one of the most classic outfits of all time.

How To Style A Blazer For Date Night

A slinky bias-cut dress might feel like the ideal date night look, but often the weather has other plans. Adding a blazer over the top of your dress will not only keep you warm but will create a juxtaposition, adding structure to an otherwise fluid look.

How To Style A Blazer With Leggings

Zoe Anastasiou
Many years post-lockdown, we're all still very attached to our comfortable clothes. Leggings are still on high rotation for many of us, myself included. For a post-workout brunch with the girls or a quick morning coffee run, I take to pairing my leggings with an oversized blazer to smarten up the look a little. It's the perfect blend of style and comfort.

How To Style A Blazer For A Night Out

There's just something about the miniskirt and blazer silhouette that says 'night out' to me. It's a look that's just made for dancing. An oversized jacket will counterbalance the micro effect of the mini to create better proportions, so if you're conscious of baring a lot of skin, go for a more oversized blazer.
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