Everything We Know About The New Reality TV Show The Traitors

We may be nearing the end of the year, but it's never too late to add another reality TV show to our viewing list. Taking a step away from dating shows and food programs, Channel 10's got a new game of strategy on the horizon called The Traitors.
The game is described as one of "deception, suspicion and betrayal" which will no doubt keep us viewers on our toes.
Image courtesy of Channel 10
The Traitors cast with host Rodger Corser

How Does The Traitors Work?

The Traitors starts off with 24 players known as Faithful, who live together in a grand old hotel where they will be required to carry out challenges in order to win silver bars.
However, it's no easy feat thanks to there being some secret saboteurs in the mix. Some of the Faithful are actually Traitors, and it’s their mission to eliminate the Faithful one by one. It's up to the Traitors to work together on their scheme each evening behind the Faithful's backs, choosing a Faithful to 'murder' out of the game.
While the Traitors must try to not be caught, the Faithful have a mission of their own to unmask the Traitors. When everyone meets in the Banishment Room, they will vote to get rid of someone from the game.
"The danger is high for the Faithful as they risk sending one of their own home if they don’t pick correctly," an official statement explains. "As the banished player leaves the game, they reveal if they were a Faithful or a Traitor.

Who Is In The Cast Of The Traitors?

From a lawyer to a personal trainer and hostage negotiator, the 24 players who make up the cast of The Traitors come from various walks of life

Alex Duggan, 25, SA (Model)

Image courtesy of Channel 10
The Traitors contestant Alex

Angus, 38, QLD (Sales Manager)

Image courtesy of Channel 10
The Traitors contestant Angus

Chloe, 30, NSW (Clairvoyant)

Claire, 52, NSW (Supermarket Checkout Operator)

Craig Carr, 57, QLD (Business Coach)

Image courtesy of Channel 10
The Traitors contestant Craig

Dirk Strachan-Thornton, 34, VIC (Hotel Concierge)

Ethan, 27, VIC (Fitness Instructor)

Image courtesy of Channel 10
The Traitors contestant Ethan

Fiona, 26, VIC (Dancer)

Image courtesy of Channel 10
The Traitors contestant Fiona

Jack, 25, QLD (Chess Champion)

Image courtesy of Channel 10
The Traitors contestant Jack

Justine Reid, 36, QLD (Social Worker)

Kashindi, 20, QLD (Law Student)

Kate, 38, NSW (Photographer)

Image courtesy of Channel 10
The Traitors contestant Kate

Lewis Wren, 33, QLD (Electrician)

Marielle Intveld, 24, SA (Law & International Politics Student)


Mark, 33, NSW (Legal Professional)

Matt, 32, QLD (Real Estate Agent)

Image courtesy of Channel 10
The Traitors contestant Matt

MK, 59, VIC (Criminal Lawyer)

Midy, 29, NSW (Strategy Consultant)

Millie Slennett, 27, NSW (Vet Nurse)

Nigel Brennan, 50, TAS (Hostage Negotiator)

Olivia Fisher, 43, VIC (Forensic Investigator)

Paul, 61, QLD (Financial Investigator)

Image courtesy of Channel 10
The Traitors contestant Paul

Sandra Wu, 26, NSW (Personal Trainer)

Teresa, 42, WA (Sports Club President)

Who Is The Host?

Logie-nominated actor Rodger Corser is the host of The Traitors, after starring in a string of Australian TV dramas including Doctor Doctor, Rush, Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries, McLeod’s Daughters and Home and Away.
He most recently appeared in seasons 2 and 3 of Paramount+ TV drama, Five Bedrooms, and is set to star in Netflix's upcoming six-part series, Thai Cave Rescue.

What Is The Air Date?

The Traitors premieres Sunday, October 16 at 7:30 pm on Channel 10 and 10 Play. It's one of Channel 10's latest reality TV offerings alongside The Real Love Boat and The Challenge. It comes ahead of the new season of The Bachelor airing in January 2023, followed by Australian Survivor: Heroes Versus Villains, MasterChef Australia: Secrets & Surprises and I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

What Is The Prize?

The ultimate prize is worth up to $250,000 and it's up to the contestants to work their way towards silver bars that gradually add up to the final reward.
If a Traitor makes it to the end undetected, they walk away with a quarter of a million dollars, but if a Faithful can successfully unmask a Traitor and eliminate them before the final vote, they have the option to take all the prize money or split and share it with their final remaining Faithful. It really is a game of strategy, trust and loyalty.
Watch the latest trailer for The Traitors below:
Remember to keep checking back here as we continue updating the behind-the-scenes details about the 2022 season of The Traitors.
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