The 2022 Logie Awards Moments That Everyone’s Talking About

Ah, the Logies — Australia's answer to the Emmys. It's a night where the best of the best of Australian television come together, hang out, and in many cases, make history.
You might not think it at first, but the Logie Awards have enough moments to rival The Great Slapping Of 2022™. Okay, so we might not go that far, but the Logies is filled to the brim with historical moments that make it a true icon.
Take Australian of the Year, Dylan Alcott, for instance. After winning the Graham Kennedy Award for Most Popular New Talent in 2019, Alcott took to the Logies stage to speak about his experiences using a wheelchair. "This award means a lot to me, because I used to absolutely hate having a disability," Dylan said. "When I turned on the TV I never saw anybody like me."
In 2015, Carrie Bickmore used her Gold Logie win to draw attention to her late husband Greg who passed away from brain cancer, single-handedly launching one of Australia's biggest charities, Beanies for Brain Cancer.
And who could forget Waleed Aly's memorable speech after being the first (and only) person of colour to win the Gold Logie in 2016? Speaking about racism in the TV industry, Aly recalled a story of how a colleague told him that he had to change his name from 'Mustafa' in order to get work in the industry.
It's proof of just how far we still have to go, but how events like the Logies are key to ensuring that diverse storytelling is a priority on our screens.
Ahead, we've curated the biggest moments of the 2022 Logie Awards.

1. Julia Morris' Welcome (And Takedown Of Cancel Culture)

Opening the show was Julia Morris, describing herself as a "loose unit" before launching into jokes about gender. “For everyone at home, do not adjust your television sets,” she says. “I do identify as a woman. The deal was I could open the show if I dressed like a man.”
She then turned her attention to cancel culture: "Shout out to everyone in the room who has been cancelled!", with a few cheers coming from the audience. Awkward. "You know what the worst thing about looking this good is? No one is allowed to tell me 'you look hot' anymore," Morris said. We're not sure what Morris' goal was, but it resulted in an opener that was cringey, offensive and plain tone-deaf, especially during Pride Month. Watch the full clip below.

2. Hamish & Andy's Cheating Scandal

In true Hamish and Andy fashion, blowing the Logies wide open was high on their agenda, claiming a cheating scandal was afoot. The two revealed a small child, Oliver, who claimed that he was trapped in a small room all day, forced to vote for Karl Stefanovic for the Gold Logie thousands of times. "My fingers are sore," Oliver said. But it didn't stop there. Oliver continued the slander, saying that he was hungry and Karl would only feed him if he didn't like his meal choice. "That's just an example of how low Stefanovic will sink to win gold," Hamish said.

3. Tony Armstrong and Dylan Alcott Take The Stage

Seeing these two together is just the epitome of all that's good in the world. Opening with an Acknowledgement of the Yugambeh people (Tony was the first presenter of the night to do so on the stage... 40 minutes in), Armstrong and Alcott drew attention to their mere presence on the main stage. "To be honest, having an Indigenous man and a guy in a wheelchair up here, on commercial TV... We’ve got a long way to go, but it’s massive", Alcott said. Tony joked that between the two of them, they have four gold medals, 15 singles major trophies, and also the title of the first man to win a Golden Slam, alluding to all of Alcott's phenomenal achievements (sorry, Tony). An important moment that highlighted the need for diversity and inclusion on our screens. Take note, Logies.

4. An Emotional Tribute To Bert Newton

After a video package of the late Bert Newton's career and life, Patti Newton took the stage to celebrate her late husband. "He had this thing where he'd say, 'Not everyone lives their dream'. But he did, and he loved it," she said. Bert, a four-time Gold Logie winner, passed away in October last year. Patti celebrated his legacy, donning a 'Bert' necklace around her neck. "We're so pleased that the award for the most popular presenter is now going to be known as the Bert Newton Award for the Most Popular Presenter," Patti said. Hamish Blake was presented with the award, beating out media legends Leigh Sales and Melissa Leong. In his speech, Blake dedicated his win to Newton, celebrating his support and generosity.

5. Tony Takes Home His First Logie

Tony Armstrong, Australia's collective boyfriend, took home his first Logie — the Graham Kennedy Award For Most Popular New Talent. He opened his speech with a request for a raise, because, duh. As he shouted out "the old cheese, me mum", you could almost hear the swooning of hearts throughout the nation. "She's done everything for me, she's a superstar, I wouldn't be here without her." He went on to thank the National Indigenous Radio Service for locking in his role as the first Indigenous play-by-play caller on commercial radio.

6. A Speech On Behalf Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Pissed-Off Women

The Project took out the Logie for the Most Outstanding News Coverage for their infamous Brittany Higgins interview. In the interview, Higgins spoke exclusively to journalist Lisa Wilkinson about her alleged rape in Parliament House and its haunting aftermath. Wilkinson accepted the award, dedicating her speech to Brittany Higgins. "Brittany Higgins was a political problem, and governments like political problems to go away. But she never did," Wilkinson said. "This honour belongs to Brittany. It belongs to a 26-year-old's unwavering courage. It belongs to a woman who said ‘enough’. It belongs to hundreds of thousands of women and men who took to the streets to roar – in numbers too big to ignore."

7. Hamish Blake Takes Out The Top Gong

In news that surprised absolutely no one (thanks Sportsbet), Hamish Blake took out the Gold Logie. It's his second time winning the award (or 4th, if you count Hamish's maths). Blake gave a shoutout to his LEGO Masters co-star, Brickman (and certified sweetest man on the planet). Blake then thanked his wife, Zoë Foster Blake, quipping that she stole his outfit for the night. Then, his kids were up. "They can't be here. They got last-minute fake IDs and they're out clubbing."
It was Blake's second award of the night, after taking out the best presenter category earlier in the evening. Beloved by Aussies, Blake's work on LEGO Masters has been the epitome of comfort viewing, especially during the pandemic. "It's been a really weird last couple of years in the TV industry. We're so lucky to do what we love. And we couldn't do it without the people watching at home."
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