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7 Managers Explain How To Get A Raise At Work

Asking for a pay rise is nerve-racking, isn't it? It's cringe-inducing, sure to fill you with self-doubt and probably the last thing you want to be doing. Women, in particular, can feel a concoction of emotions when it comes to pay review time.
The stats also back our valid nerves. According to research from the Australian Fair Work Commission, 51.3% of men surveyed successfully negotiated their pay compared to just 35.8% of women.
While it's unfair that the system appears to be rigged in favour of more confident individuals who are ballsy enough to ask, it's unfortunately the nature of the game. And staying on top of your spending by using finance apps like Money By Afterpay is great, but nothing will help boost your savings quite like a substantial pay bump.
To help you get ahead, we asked seven managers what they're looking for when their employees come to them asking for more money. Also, what are they not looking for?
Read on to get their best advice.
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