How 12 Aussies Scored Their Biggest Salary Jump

Work can mean different things to everyone. The pursuit of a higher calling, an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, a means to make rent, or even a way to spend 9-5 with your best friend. While many of us strive to strike the sweet spot between work/life balance, enjoyment, and pay, there are times when the latter takes priority in an effort to increase our overall wealth and status.
If toxic girlboss culture has taught us anything, it's that fighting for your worth in the workplace is paramount. Speaking openly about income and promotions is a way to demystify the taboo process.
12 Refinery29 Australia readers have put their hands up to share the biggest salary jump they've received. From jumping ship to another company (or a different industry), to negotiating a new role at their workplace, these readers show us how it's done. Let their stories inspire you, as they did us.
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