Here’s How To Get Promoted — According To 7 Managers

For many workers, getting a promotion means putting your head down, working hard, and letting your hard work speak for itself. But the reality is, it takes a lot more to be considered for a promotion than just hard work.
While there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for how to grow professionally, there are certainly many ways to make sure you’re able to make an impact in your position and be recognised for your growth potential: from doing your research so that you're prepared for your annual review, to voicing your career aspirations to your manager, to doing some due diligence to find out what others in your position and industry are making — there are plenty of ways you can position yourself for not just a pay increase but an increase in responsibilities (if that's what you're after!).
To gain some more insight into what exactly it takes to get promoted, we spoke with ten managers, c-suite executives, and founders to hear exactly what it is they look for when considering someone for a promotion. Read on to learn some new ways to prepare to make — and win — your case.

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