Everything We Know About Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders

For the better half of the '00s, Big Brother had a firm grip on the Australian public. Who could forget the rollercoaster relationship between Tully Smyth and Anthony Drew? To this day, I still get the iconic 'Oats Ala Layla' tune stuck in my head.
The show has been back for a couple of years now, with 2020 kicking off its reboot. While last year's season was controversial for its 'VIP' slant that saw celebrity stars flout quarantine rules and only one person of colour being cast (who was also the former advisor to Donald Trump), this year's season looks more promising.
In an all-too-popular franchise move (as seen with Masterchef and Survivor), this year's season will see old favourites and Big Brother fans returning to the house.
Here is everything we know about the 2022 season of Big Brother Australia.

Who Is In The Cast?

For its 21st birthday in Australia, Big Brother royalty will be going up against new contenders. What started with 21 housemates, ranging in age from 22-52, striving to last the complete 62 days to win the final prize, has since increased with the arrival of two intruders, Jules Rangiheuea and Brenton Parkes.

Big Brother Royalty

Tully Smyth, 34 – 2013 housemate

When you think of Big Brother controversy, you can't help but cast your mind back to the drama that ensued when Tully Smyth was on the show 11 years ago and cheated on her then-girlfriend Tahlia Farrant, with housemate Drew Anthony.
Since then, she's got a journalism degree under her belt, her own podcast, Too Much Tully, and works as a social media influencer.
Reflecting on her time in the house all those years ago, she says, "I don’t believe in having regrets but there are definitely things I wish I played differently last time.
"Big Brother is usually a once in a lifetime opportunity so to have another chance at it, why would I say no? This time around it’s all about me. No more distractions this time, I’m here to win. I’m older, wiser and more determined than ever."
You can follow Tully Smyth on Instagram here.

Anthony Drew, 33 – 2013 housemate

It seems fitting we then speak about Anthony Drew next, who was referred to as Drew during his first time on Big Brother back in the day.
Since his first reality TV stint, he's swapped modelling for a job as a general manager in a hospitality group, but one thing we're sure won't change is the solid bromance when he reunites with former co-star, Tim Dormer.
"My approach is the same, there is so much out of my control," Drew says about his game plan in 2022. "You can only influence people so much and the rest Big Brother rules over."
He's entering the BB house single once again, which begs the question: Will Drew and Tully rekindle their flame? Only time will tell.
You can follow Anthony Drew on Instagram here.

Estelle Landy, 33 – 2012 housemate

Estelle Landy broke a couple of Big Brother records when she was in the house in 2012. She's received the most nominations in a single night (19 votes) and is tied as the most nominated housemate ever with 89 nominations.
Despite being a polarising character inside the house, the Australian public loved Landy because of her fiery nature and willingness to fight for the underdog.
"I learnt so much about myself and general human behaviour last time," says the horse riding coach and animal rights advocate.
"I hope to show that you don’t have to be exactly the same as everyone else in who you are to have fun on reality TV. That you can be a bit weird and different to others. I’ve come from nothing and have since created a great life for myself and want to show others they are capable of that too. That we are in charge of our destiny. That we too can be strong and confident in this world."
You can follow Estelle Landy on Instagram here.

Dave Graham, 42 – 2006 housemate

Farmer Dave made Big Brother history back in 2006 when he came out as gay to his fellow housemates as well as family and all of Australia on national television.
"It was incredible. I went on to create conversations and change in Australia about gay people being treated equally and without judgment," he says of the impact he made during his time on the show 15 years ago.
"Back then we were heavily discriminated against. It was normal to be in the closet for fear of violence and exclusion."
The NSW father of four is a youth program manager at RuffTRACK, which is a farm-based youth charity that protects kids, keeping them out of prison and up skilling them for a secure future.
You can follow Dave Graham on Instagram here.

Layla Subritzky, 34 – 2012 runner-up

There were many fun moments when Layla Subritzky appeared on the show 10 years ago, after all, how can we forget her catchy theme tune, Oats-a-la-Layla?
The social worker from Queensland returned to reality TV when she appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, plus here's an interesting fact — her brother, David Subritzky was on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! earlier this year.
Subritzky says going on BB again means "redemption time".
"I want to show that my growth since leaving last time has been vast. I want to show that I can win and smash the challenges."
You can follow Layla Subritzky on Instagram here.

Reggie Bird, 42 – 2003 winner

Season 3's the first season I tuned in to Big Brother so seeing Regina 'Reggie' Bird be crowned the winner always has a special place in my reality TV-loving heart.
Bird has been open in the past two decades about some of the struggles in her personal life. Her son was born with cystic fibrosis and her own vision is drastically deteriorating with a condition called retinitis pigmentosa, meaning she currently only has nine degrees of central vision.
The Queenslander says it was an obvious choice to return to the Big Brother house. "You only live once, and you are meant to live it to fullest and have fun," she explains.
You can follow Reggie Bird on Instagram here.

Tim Dormer, 37 – 2013 winner

Tim Dormer is certainly Big Brother royalty, after winning Season 10 of the Aussie series and then also placing third on the show in Canada in 2016.
The disability support care worker from NSW appeared on Celebrity Apprentice in 2015, and in 2016 revealed he was in a same-sex relationship.
"I have always been fluid in my sexuality," he told Who magazine at the time.
"Even on Big Brother, I talked about my bisexuality and that I've always been about people, not the sexuality or gender.
"I've dated girls, but have always been open to dating guys."
You can follow Tim Dormer on Instagram here.

Trevor Butler, 48 – 2004 winner

Trevor Butler was known as the prankster and fun maker of his season of Big Brother, and he was the most beloved housemate because he was not nominated once! He went on to win the season and proposed to his girlfriend, Breea on stage at the grand finale.
The couple are still happily married with two sons, and Butler's heard on Queensland airwaves as a radio host on the Gold Coast’s 102.9 Hot Tomato Drive show.
"There’ll be no advantage," Butler says of going on the show this time after having previously claimed ultimate victory. "I’ll go into the Big Brother house with a huge target on my chest because I'm a previous winner.The housemates will want me out quick smart. I also get along with people in any situation, so there’s another reason for housemates to evict me."

Big Brother New Contenders

The first new housemates include entrepreneur Aleisha who is 24 and says that she's "a very good liar" and that "lying comes scarily easily" to her. Joel, 26, is a fitness fanatic who says that he is a "strong, physical player". 25-year-old Johnson pegs himself as a Big Brother superfan who, according to himself, has watched every second of every episode. Josh, a 32-year-old ex-international model and Sam, a 31-year-old intimacy coach who says that she "flirt[s] with women just as much as [she] flirt[s] with men" are just some of the new contenders.

Aleisha Campbell, 24 – Entrepreneur

Also known as “Leish”, Aleisha runs two successful businesses and has competed in BMX Australia. In a Channel 7 press release, she shares that she’s looking forward to being tested by Big Brother.
“I have always wanted to go on Big Brother since I was a little kid,” she says. “It tests you, yet makes you enjoy and appreciate the little things in life. When do you get to be in a house with 20 strangers from all walks of life, with no technology and contact to the outside world”?

You can follow Aleisha Campbell on Instagram here.

Joel Notley, 26 – Fitness fanatic

Joel is a builder and occasional model with a part-time job at Bunnings, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Technology in Renewable Energy Technologies. He describes himself as a “dream man” who loves cooking and cleaning, and is still friends with all his exes (and their parents!)
In the press release, he shares that he will be a kind helpful housemate — “someone who makes a lot of alliances and friends”. He is a vegan, and shares that he is worried about “limited food supplies” in the Big Brother house.
You can follow Joel Notley on Instagram here.

Johnson Ashak, 25 – Big Brother superfan

A civil engineer by profession, Johnson has wanted to apply for Big Brother since he was seven or eight years old. He shares that he wants to play the game hard from day one, but hopes to play an honest game.
In the press release, he shares that he’s looking forward to the challenges, “even though I’m not a physical threat yet”. He also says that he’s not looking forward to the “loss of overall control” as he tends to be a micro-manager.
You can follow Johnson Ashak on Instagram here.

Gabbie Keevil, 22, The little sister

Like many others, Gabbie had to change careers when the pandemic hit, moving from being a flight attendant to a retail worker. She misses travelling, particularly to Bali.
Outgoing and positive, Gabbie shares that she does get a little cranky when she’s tired or hungry. In the press release, she says that she thinks she’ll be an “energetic, fun and cheeky housemate. I’ll be the little sister they never knew they needed”.
You can follow Gabbie Keevil on Instagram here.

Josh Gouds, 32 – Former international model

Formerly an international model, Josh now owns a house painting business north of Byron Bay. He lives the quintessential Aussie beach lifestyle, waking up at dawn each day, walking his dog Bowie and going for a surf.
Spontaneous and independent, Josh enjoys the outdoors and his own company. With no problem in bluffing his way to the top, he says that he’s going to be a “cunning” housemate.
You can follow Josh Gouds on Instagram here.

Who Is The Host?

Image courtesy of Channel 7
Big Brother Royalty vs New Contenders host Sonia Kruger
Big Brother has had various hosts over the years including Gretel Killeen, Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O. But this year Sonia Kruger is returning as host of Big Brother Royalty vs New Contenders after fronting the show the past couple of seasons.

What Is The Air Date?

Big Brother Royalty vs New Contenders has an official air date, with Channel 7 announcing the reality show will premiere on Monday, May 9 at 7:30pm on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

When Is The Finale?

The Big Brother: Royalty Vs New Contenders winner will be announced during the finale on Tuesday, July 12 at 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus.

What Is The Prize?

While the majority of the show has been pre-filmed, viewers will get to see three housemates left standing in a live grand final episode where Australia will vote to decide who wins the $250,000 prize.
Remember to keep checking back here as we continue updating the behind-the-scenes details about the 2022 season of Big Brother Royalty vs New Contenders.
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