Australian Survivor: Blood V Water Finale — Winner Revealed

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Mark Wales and Chrissy Zaremba on Australian Survivor: Blood v Water
Update: Mark Wales won Australian Survivor: Blood v Water on Monday in a nail-biting finale. Wales was up against Chrissy Zaremba and Shay Lajoie in the final three, and managed to score all of the votes.
"I don't believe it," he said when Jonathan LaPaglia revealed he'd become $500,000 richer.
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Australian Survivor: Blood v Water put contestants to the ultimate test as they competed alongside and against family members for the first time in Australian Survivor history.
And after many tears, laughs and immunity idols, we are at the pointy end of the competition with the finale just a few nights away.
Hosted once again by Jonathan LaPaglia, here is everything we know about the Australian Survivor: Blood v Water finale.

What Is The Finale Air Date?

The finale will air on Monday, April 4 2022 at 7:30pm on Channel 10 and 10 Play on Demand. Not long to go, so mark it in your calendar!

Who Is In The Finale?

Image courtesy of Channel 10
Australian Survivor: Blood v Water grand finalists Mark Wales, Chrissy Zaremba, Shay Lajoie and Josh Millgate
The final four contestants have been revealed after surviving the second last episode on Sunday, April 3 where Kate Austin aka KJ was eliminated.
They are Chrissy Zaremba, Shay Lajoie, Mark Wales and Josh Millgate and in an Australian Survivor first, there will be three contestants who'll ultimately need to convince the jury that they deserve to win.

Is The Finale Filmed Live?

Unfortunately, we won't see a live finale this year. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, production decided to shoot the final episode during the same filming schedule as the rest of the series at North Queensland’s Charters Towers, 134 km south-east of Townsville.
This is the second year in a row where the finale has been pre-filmed. The 2021 series was filmed in Cloncurry, 770km west of Townsville.

What Is the Prize?

Last year Brains v Brawns star Hayley Leake won the $500,000 prize money and it's the same amount this year.
I absolutely can't imagine myself entering Survivor, even for half a million dollars, but I'm more than happy to sit back and watch it all unfold on finale night. Who's strategy will finally pay off? We just have to wait and see.
Watch the Australian Survivor: Blood v Water grand finale promo below:
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