17 Things You Can Confidently Toss From Your Closet (Because They’re Never Coming Back)

If you have even a tiny bit of hoarder in you, you likely find it really hard to part with clothes. Some reasons are legit, and are bound up in the fears and insecurities about what it means to give up something that you used to identify so strongly with. Other reasons are just crazy, because, no — pinstriped fedoras might have had a time and place in our collective histories (Kevin Federline — whaddup), but some things are really, never going to be coming back.
Of course, for those of you for whom some of these items are still integral to your wardrobe, we salute you (after all, there's nothing more stylish than a woman who loves, and owns, her own style). But for the rest of you, we're about to make things really, really. We ID'd 14 items that almost all of us probably own, but most haven't worn in ages, and will not want to wear again — donate these space wasters, reclaim your closet, and rest happy knowing that you couldn't accidentally dress like an extra on Crossroads, even if you tried.

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