Everyone Who Is & Isn't Returning To The Hills: New Beginnings

Photo: Paul Zimmerman/WireImage.
The Hills is returning to our screens for The Hills: New Beginnings. The returning cast walked the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards in August before the news was announced with a commercial during the broadcast, and we've spent the past few months getting all the details we can find. However, for all our excitement, there's just as many questions.
Die-hard fans would be the first to notice that not everybody from the MTV original graced the red carpet. While most of the original cast — including Stephanie Pratt, who was the voice in the promo — is for sure on board, there are a handful of staple cast members whose return is not as certain, especially with Mischa Barton now in the mix.
As much as we'd like to see everyone back, their lives have changed significantly since they were last on our screens in 2010. Ahead is everyone who is and might not be returning for The Hills: New Beginnings.
This story has been updated to reflect the growing cast of the MTV series.
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