Don't Get On A Plane Without These Under-$10 Travel Essentials

There’s nothing better than vacation, but traveling can also be hard. You’re away from the comforts of home, your routine, your favorite locally made granola, the all-purpose noise machine you can’t live without. You’re on a plane for an ungodly amount of time no matter where you go, and you end up spending almost as many hours at the airport. (And that’s not even counting if something goes wrong — if a flight is delayed, canceled, or rerouted because of weather or some such.)

Of course, as with anything, there are ways to cope — and by ways, we mean things you can bring to help get you through. Since you’re already spending enough on your trip, we’ve rounded up 15 travel essentials for under $10 that are guaranteed to help you have a more enjoyable and pleasant travel experience, without setting you back too much. Check out our picks ahead.
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Whether someone is snoring next to you on the plane or your neighbors are loud at the hostel where you're staying, earplugs are a traveler's best friend. And tie-dye earplugs…well, you’ll want to wear them even when you’re not trying to block out the noise.

Sparkplug Ear Plugs, $7.76 for 25 pairs, available at Amazon.
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If you’re anything like us, you have trouble keeping track of your passport, and you're always fishing around in your bag, panicking that it's not there. Never lose it again with this cute holder, which also protects it from getting crushed or covered in schmutz.

Flight 001 Correspondent Passport Holder, $25 $10, available at Flight 001.
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It’s pretty hard to resist anything with a name as adorable as Cute Buds. And at this price, there’s no reason to. Use them to watch in-flight movies, listen to music, or to make hands-free dinner reservations as soon as you land.

Cute Buds
Cute Buds, $6.90, available at Forever 21.
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We’re not going to lie, we take our airplane snacks and magazines pretty seriously. Which is why we need one whole tote dedicated to holding just these things —and preferably, one with a pineapple on it. Easy to access, but just as easy to shove under the seat in front of you as needed.

Aloha Beaches Reusable Canvas Tote Bag, $6, available at Etsy.
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There are a few things we never, ever take out of our travel bags even after we get home. A handful of quart-sized Ziploc bags is one of them. If you decide not to check a suitcase in a pinch, you’ve already got a quart-sized bag on you for your liquid travel essentials, and even if you do check a bag, stick your toiletries in one of these for extra protection. If something spills in transit, you'll be thankful.

Quart-Sized Storage Bags $2.98 for 24, available at Walmart.
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It’s no secret that airplanes dry out our skin, so the trick is to moisturize…and then moisturize again. We like this lotion because it works for face and body, is made sans harsh chemicals, and comes in four delicious scents (apricot kiss!).

The Honest Company Face + Body Lotion, $9.95, available at The Honest Company.
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Not only will wearing this mask make you the coolest person on the plane, hands down — but this eye pillow is guaranteed to help you get seriously restful sleep, as it’s filled with lavender and flax seeds.

Electric Guitar Eye Mask, $10, available at Etsy.
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Remember the days when you could take your water bottle, with actual water in it, through security? Those days are gone, but if you snag this BPA-free, candy-apple red Nalgene, you can fill up at the fountain as soon as you get through security. It'll also come in handy on your trip, and help you avoid having to crack any pricey bottled waters from your hotel mini bar.

32-ounce Tritan Wide-Mouth Bottle, $9.95, available at Paragon Sports.
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Have you ever seen a damaged suitcase roll out at baggage claim, with someone's personal items scattered all over the conveyer belt? Well, it isn’t a pretty sight. But with duct tape, you can solve this problem, and a whole host of other problems you haven't even thought of yet.

Duck Tape
Duct Tape, $5.49, available at Duck Tape.
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If we had to just pick one item to bring on a trip, honestly, it would be this one. Share a screen with your traveling partner and save movie-rental money. Or, if you’re traveling alone, maybe use this as an excuse to cozy up to your seatmate?

Headphone Splitter, $7.29, available at Staples.
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We already used up our "if we could only pack one thing" card, but really, this one is huge. Airports and planes are crawling with germs, and often, the bathrooms are out of soap. This is your new best friend. Plus, pink grapefruit! Feel fresh and smell delish.

The Body Shop
Pink Grapefruit Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer, $5, available at The Body Shop.
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Avoid being the person who mistakes every black suitcase at baggage claim for their own with this bright-yellow, double-meaning luggage tag. (Plus, it’s made of rubber, so it does well even in the rain!)

Flight 001
Rubber Tag Go Away, $7, available at Flight 001.
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If phone, keys, wallet are the three essentials we’re to have with us at all times (thank you, Lincoln from Broad City), we’re going to go ahead and add a fourth: a Tide To Go pen. There may not be a washer/dryer in the jungle or the desert, but this handy pen will save you until you can get to one.

Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover, $2.94, available at Walmart.
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If you need to be sung to sleep and your BFF is not going to do it, or if flying gives you the kind of anxiety that can only be quelled with orchestral distraction and soothing sounds, download this app. It has 40 different music channels to choose from — try “Cello Works” when you want to get serious or “Vivaldi” when you need to chill.

Classical Radio
App, Free, available for iPhone & Android.
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Finding the perfect travel case is not easy, but we’re pretty sure adorable design ranks high on the list of prerequisites. Waterproof and easy-to-clean, this mint green toiletry bag fits the bill, and the price really can't be beat.

Happy Hours
Waterproof Toiletry Bag, $8.99, available at Amazon.
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