Don’t Get On A Plane Without These Under-$10 Travel Essentials

There’s nothing better than vacation, but traveling can also be hard. You’re away from the comforts of home, your routine, your favorite locally made granola, the all-purpose noise machine you can’t live without. You’re on a plane for an ungodly amount of time no matter where you go, and you end up spending almost as many hours at the airport. (And that’s not even counting if something goes wrong — if a flight is delayed, canceled, or rerouted because of weather or some such.)
Of course, as with anything, there are ways to cope — and by ways, we mean things you can bring to help get you through. Since you’re already spending enough on your trip, we’ve rounded up 15 travel essentials for under $10 that are guaranteed to help you have a more enjoyable and pleasant travel experience, without setting you back too much. Check out our picks ahead.

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