7 Places Every Cat-Lover Should Visit

If you're a cat person in need of a hefty dose of snuggle time, you might try hitting up a nearby shelter or local cat café — because even if you have your own cats at home, sometimes it just feels good to be surrounded by a dozen kitties. But, imagine going to a place where cats actually outnumber humans. Sounds totally epic, right?

Well, the reality is a bit more complicated. Feral-cat colonies do exist, but life is tough out there for our furry friends in the wild. These are generally places where food is scarce and the outdoor strays — often abandoned by their former owners — are an unwelcome presence in the community.

Luckily, there are exceptions to this sad situation. We're highlighting a handful of enclaves that have managed to turn things around with the help of local animal organizations and become bona fide tourist hot spots in their own right. Click through for a collection of cat havens from all over the world — their cuteness comes in hundreds and dozens.

To help stray cats, consider making a monthly donation to the ASPCA, the largest nonprofit humane society in North America.

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