13 Photographers To Follow On Instagram Immediately

Photo: Via @tedemmons.
Some of us scroll in search of selfies. Others find themselves drawn to food pics. And, a lot of us go with a slightly masochistic dose of #FOMO. But, at the end of the day 'gram, our collective addiction to Instagram shares one single motivation: We're looking for a great picture.
What defines a great picture? Well, that's up to you. Still, finding the right place to start your search can be a process in itself. With that in mind, we've rounded up 13 Los Angeles-based photographers who really kill it on the 'gram. Focusing on fashion, nature, lifestyle, or still life, these 13 talented lensmen each boast their own totally unique style — resulting in a mixed bag of amazing feeds to follow. Happy 'gramming!
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Photo: Via @benjaminheath.
Who: Bicoastal photographer Benjamin Heath
Why: He likes to get lost and often takes adventurous trips — and he always manages to capture insanely gorgeous natural landscapes and portraits.
Followers: 692.1K
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Photo: Via @benjaminheath.
View from the top...
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Photo: Via @benjaminheath.
From the lighting to the composition, this photo is flawless — plus, extra points for the reflection on the surfboard.
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Photo: Via @maxwanger.
Who: Photographer Max Wanger
What: @maxwanger
Why: Stunning photos like this one — plus, a knack for capturing the most beautiful parts of L.A.
Followers: 40.3K
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Photo: Via @maxwanger.
Can't. Handle. The. Cuteness.
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Photo: Via @maxwanger.
Perspective has the potential to make even the most familiar of scenes look completely fresh and unknown.
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Who: Naples-born, L.A.-based portrait photographer and stylist Claiborne Swanson Frank
What: @claiborneswansonfrank
Why: Really pretty portraits of really pretty starlets.
Followers: 9.1K
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Not sure what we want more: Ireland Baldwin's retro bralette-and-matching-skirt outfit, or the vintage car she's sitting on.
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Another matching vintage ensemble worth lusting over — only this time, modeled by actress Imogen Poots.
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Photo: Via @go_carla_go.
Who: L.A.-based photographer Carla Richmond Coffing
What: @go_carla_go
Why: She takes strong, often haunting portraits, along with a healthy dose of Kinfolk-esque interiors snaps.
Followers: 2.4K
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Photo: Via @go_carla_go.
The caption under the photo reads, "Bath time with Joan."
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Photo: Via @go_carla_go.
Suburban glamour.
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Photo: Via @zoeygrossman.
Who: L.A.-based fashion photographer Zoey Grossman
What: @zoeygrossman
Why: She might be single-handedly bringing sexy back.
Followers: 38.5K
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Photo: Via @zoeygrossman.
Can't say that we've ever gulped milk in our underwear out of a massive glass jug — but, we're definitely considering trying it now.
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Photo: Via @zoeygrossman.
Taylor Hill + For Love & Lemons = A dreamy combination.
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Photo: Via @katwesterman.
Who: L.A.-based photographer Katherine Westerman
What: @katwesterman
Why: Unique, mysterious photos that almost always tell a story.
Followers: 68.8K
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Photo: Via @katwesterman.
A very quiet, private moment in a public space.
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Photo: Via @katwesterman.
Something here screams Lolita.
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Photo: Via @laurenlemon.
Who: L.A.-based photographer Lauren Randolph
What: @laurenlemon
Why: A mixed bag of really fun — and often artistically inspiring — images.
Followers: 226K
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Photo: Via @laurenlemon.
We love the David Hockney vibes here.
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Photo: Via @laurenlemon.
Cars aside, this photo feels like it could be from 50 years ago.
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Photo: Via @tedemmons.
Who: L.A.-based photographer Ted Emmons
What: @tedemmons
Why: This photo alone should answer that question.
Followers: 70.5K
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Photo: Via @tedemmons.
Caught gold-handed?
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Photo: Via @tedemmons.
If you're into SoCal models, Emmons is definitely your guy.
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Photo: Via @mollycranna.
Who: L.A.-based photographer Molly Cranna
What: @mollycranna
Why: From color to composition, her photos pretty much always knock it out of the park.
Followers: 1.2K
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Photo: Via @mollycranna.
Action shot, or frozen in time?
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Photo: Via @mollycranna.
If you told us this was a painting, we'd believe you.
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Photo: Via @tasyavanree.
Who: L.A.-based photographer Tasya van Ree
What: @tasyavanree
Why: For her bewitching black-and-white portraits — and her totally unexpected, wildly colorful still lifes.
Followers: 23.2K
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Photo: Via @tasyavanree.
Spotted in more than one way!
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Photo: Via @tasyavanree.
Simple concept, brilliant execution.
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Photo: Via @moristeele.
Who: L.A.-based photographer Molly Steele
What: @moristeele
Why: Almost too magical to be real.
Followers: 25.9K
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Photo: Via @moristeele.
We've never wanted to be a person in a photograph more than we do right now.
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Photo: Via @moristeele.
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Photo: Via @sweetthingblog.
Who: L.A.-based photographer Jessie Webster
What: @sweetthingblog
Why: She can effortlessly capture the real essence of an environment.
Followers: 63.1K
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Photo: Via @sweetthingblog.
Did we mention her still lifes rule?
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Photo: Via @sweetthingblog.
There are a lot of pink sunset photos out there — but this one is definitely our current favorite.
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Photo: Via @wearetherhoads.
Who: Chris & Sarah Rhoads, the L.A.-based husband-and-wife team behind We Are the Rhoads
What: @wearetherhoads
Why: Uninhibited, honest images that somehow still manage to feel totally high-fashion.
Followers: 8.4K
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Photo: Via @wearetherhoads.
Creepy meets chic.
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Photo: Via @wearetherhoads.
One of many super-strong fashion editorials by the twosome.

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