The Best London Pubs To Go For A Pint

Photo: Ben Cawthra/REX/Shutterstock.
Far from being mere establishments for food and drinks, pubs are legitimately considered cultural institutions in the U.K: It's the best place to socialize and meet new people from different walks of life, and in the cases of some countryside towns, these family-owned joints are considered the lifeline that keeps the whole community running.
There are a number of characteristics shared amongst pubs that have become neighborhood favorites: Rustic interiors preferably dating back to centuries ago, a name that alludes to an animal part or a historical royal, and a generally warm and unpretentious vibe (no fancy craft beers needed). But the number one quality all great pubs possess? The ability to put on a killer Sunday roast.
We've rounded up the best watering holes to hit up in the capital to get your dose of British pub culture — yummy pork scratchings and lively chatter guaranteed.

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