The Best Glitter Eyeshadows For Clean Freaks Who Hate Glitter

We have a machinist from New Jersey to thank for the invention of modern-day glitter. In 1934, Henry Ruschmann devised a way to crush up plastic to produce large quantities of the shiny stuff. He created a manufacturing company — Meadowbrook Glitter — to double down on his brainchild and now, decades later, the brand is still a leading supplier of all things sparkly, making glitter for ink, textiles, beauty, and more.
Back in the '30s, the cosmetic world was just starting to wrap its pretty head around glitter and its endless possibilities. It wasn't until the 21st century that the stuff would graduate from a substance saved only for special occasions and costume parties to a finish used daily all over the globe.
Glitter technology has come a long way, too. Since the advent of self-adhering glitter, brushing on sparkles couldn't be easier — or less messy. Ahead, check out our favorite foolproof glitter eyeshadows that won't get in your tiles, clothes, and hair.

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