13 Mother's Day Gifts You Can Totally Give To Your Partner's Mom

If you're stuck in a situation that requires you to get a present for your partner's mom for Mother's Day, well, good luck. Unlike Christmas or Valentine's Day, you can't just grab a seasonal thing, wrap it, and call it a gift. Mother's Day gifts are supposed to be all about the recipient, so you have to find some sort of object that shows that you really understand their aesthetic and interests, but like, no pressure! That said, you don't want to give them anything too extra, especially if you just started dating your partner, but you do want to find a Mother's Day gift that shows you care.
The truth is, you probably can't lose. They're not going to hate you if you get them something that's not exactly their style, but they might just appreciate you more if you get something really good. Even if your partner isn't part of the gift selection process, you don't have to go in blind, because we found all the best stuff that says, "I love you like a mother-sort-of-but-not-really." Any of these items would work as a solo gift or something you and your partner pitch in to buy together, but you should by all means take credit for finding it.
Whether you and your partner have been married for a while or just defined your relationship, here are a few smart gifts you can bring to whatever Mother's Day outing you're required to attend this year.
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Send her this wreath made from fresh eucalyptus leaves. It'll last longer than a bouquet of flowers, and smell better than a candle.
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These slip-on Allbirds shoes are just hipster enough for her taste, and more importantly, they're very comfortable.
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A pretty floral scarf she can wear at her desk, or on long beach walks.
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She was nice enough to invite you on vacation with your partner's fam, so get her this chic carry-on duffle bag.
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This marble S'well tumbler has a wide rim and triple-walled insulation, making it perfect for morning cold brews — and whatever else she sips on in the summertime.
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She knit, like, 45 pussy hats for you and all your friends to wear at the Women's March. This coffee table book has photos of the most memorable signs from the march, and it's a thoughtful way to commemorate the experience.
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All the cute photos of you and your partner are on Instagram anyway, so order her one of these custom books so she can see them IRL. You can connect your Instagram account and select 30 of your favorite posts — like the one of you guys on vacation, or the photo you snapped of her Easter spread that she thought nobody appreciated.
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If she's not already interested in the benefits of aromatherapy, this electronic essential oil diffuser will be a gateway tool. It disperses a mist for three hours and has a built-in light, and the design is minimalist enough to fit into her office or bedroom.
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You wowed her with your total recall of the lyrics to "My Shot" from Hamilton, so this shot glass Alexander Hamilton on it will blow her away. As A.Ham would say, "You prob’ly shouldn’t brag, but dag, you amaze and astonish."
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If your group text blew up every Sunday night to watch Big Little Lies, get your partner's mom this novel by the same author who wrote the book that inspired the show. Look out, she might ask you to join her book club.
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This unassuming tea-maker is actually quite cool: You put looseleaf tea through the top, then pour in hot water. When you place the contraption over a cup or mug, tea just pours out of the bottom, straining out the leaves. If she drinks tea, she'll think it's awesome — trust us.
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If she loves having candles in her house, you can't just throw her any candle and call it a Mother's Day gift. Get her a three-month subscription to Candlefish's "Library Box," and they'll send her three travel-sized candles a month that are hand-picked by their "chandler" (candle expert — it's a thing).
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Ship her a gorgeous bouquet of fresh cut flowers from Farmgirl. Each bundle is unique, and she'll get a kick out of re-arranging them around the house. If you buy this particular style, $10 of the proceeds will go to Every Mother Counts, a non-profit that supports maternal health programs around the world.

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