11 Aromatherapy Candles For A Better (& Much More Magical) Night’s Sleep

Photographed by Bianca Valle.
Candles are often that subtle touch that sets the mood in a room. Sometimes, that means heating things up with a sexy massage candle or two. But, especially for the bad sleepers among us, some of the best candles are the ones that fill our homes with soothing, relaxing scents. And if those lingering aromas help us drift off to the Land of Nod? Even better.
There are plenty of calming scents to choose from — and they all offer their own specific benefits. With the help of aromatherapist Wendy Robbins' aromatherapy database, we've selected our favorite sleep-friendly candles, infused with oils and herbs, ranging from chamomile to ylang ylang. Consider these dreamy votives the secret ingredient in your bedtime routine.
Read on to discover the scent that just might help you get a better night's sleep. Just remember to put it out before hitting the hay.
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Photo: Courtesy of Molton Brown.
The scent: Ylang ylang
The sensation: This sensual scent is said to ease guilt, stress, and physical tension. If you find yourself plagued with thoughts of the day ahead before falling asleep, this is the candle you need.
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The scent: Dark rum, bergamot
The sensation: The bergamot quiets inner turmoil, while the dark rum's heady, luxurious notes help you unwind. And you thought a glass or two of the stuff could put you to sleep.
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The scent: Lavender, armoise
The sensation: Lavender is a famously soothing scent, but what makes this candle unique is the armoise, a.k.a. mugwort, which is highly restorative and comforting.
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The scent: Frasier fir
The sensation: Pine of all sorts has been used for cleansing purposes throughout history — and fir is no exception. It banishes negative thoughts, and it's even said to clear congestion, so consider this scent good dream insurance.
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The scent: Palo Santo
The sensation: Just like burning Palo Santo in its raw form, this candle has powerful grounding and purifying effects. It can be energizing, too, so this is best used a few hours before going to sleep. We suggest lighting it, then reading or meditating.
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The scent: Frankincense
The sensation: Long considered a holy scent, frankincense works against conflict and bad feelings. Ever been told you shouldn't go to bed angry? Light this candle, and avoid that issue completely.
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The scent: Myrrh
The sensation: This is about as close to nightmare-repellent as you can get. Myrrh's transcendental properties aid meditation and protect us against ill-intended thoughts (whether from others or our own).
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The scent: Petitgrain, palmarosa
The sensation: These candles will help you sleep during emotionally trying times. Petitgrain heals hurt feelings and restores emotions, while palmarosa turns the mind toward giving — and receiving — love.
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The scent: Lavender, clary sage
The sensation: Once again, lavender lends a grounding hand in making this candle perfect for your nightstand, but clary sage provides the kind of perspective and balance that dispels bedtime distractions.
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The scent: Vetiver
The sensation: Vetiver encourages us to let love into the areas of our lives where we might push back against affection. Its scent creates an air of comfort and understanding — just the setting to lull us to sleep.
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The scent: Yuzu
The sensation: This citrusy scent helps with anxiety, nervousness, and general bedtime jitters. And, as if that wasn't enough, this candle melts into a sensual massage oil.

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