The 10 Most Random Things That Will Get You In Trouble At Airport Security

Catching a plane is never not stressful: Even the most seasoned traveler among us can get held up at security screening. With the TSA constantly tightening its regulations and making changes, it's not uncommon to end up with a few surprises — whether its having the contents of your luggage confiscated or the need to go through additional screening — when you go through airport security.

Normally, having to spend additional time to get security clearance is not a big deal, but it can seriously mess things up if you're on a time crunch and need to head to the gate ASAP. The printable version of the TSA's list of regulation is a whopping 33 pages long, and well, ain't nobody got time to go through it all. The TSA also has a bad track record of missing dangerous objects and taking things that pose no threat.

"The number-one tip to breeze through airport security is to dress appropriately: Avoid wearing belts, jewelry, accessories, or excessive layers," says John Bernasconi, a representative for Stratos Jets, a brand that recently conducted a study on TSA claims. "When it comes to what you can and can't bring in a carry-on, the biggest source of confusion is that some of the banned items seem arbitrary or unreasonable. But, they are obviously on the no-fly list due to security concerns and intel most passengers are unaware of."

To make your journey from the check in counter to the departure gate as smooth and painless as possible, we've compiled a list of unexpected items that are either banned or can get you stopped and searched at a screening checkpoint. (You can also always sign up for TSA Precheck to make your life a bit easier.)


Typically, used and unused syringes are both banned on planes. The only time when unused syringes are allowed is when they are declared and accompanied by an injectable medication.
Cast Iron Skillets

Pots and pans are fine to bring on a plane, but cast iron skillets can only be place in checked baggage.

Blenders are allowed in your carry-on baggage only when the blades are removed.
Snow Globes

Due to the TSA liquid rules, larger snow globes have to be checked. You can still bring one smaller globes, but it would have to be smaller than a tennis ball and clearly displayed in a quart-sized ziploc bag.

Passengers have been reporting incidents of being asked to remove their books and magazines during a security screening. TSA has dismissed the rumors of this being a new unspoken rule, but it might be a good idea to just pull them out of your carry-on as your go through the X-rays, especially since their contents may be inspected as a new safety precaution.
Magic Eight-Ball

The outlook is not so good if you're hoping to pack a Magic 8-Ball in your carry-on bag: According to the TSA's official check list, these spheres can only be transported in your checked luggage.
Water Guns & Foam Toy Swords

Any toy items that look similar to a firearm are prohibited in your carry-on. We're guessing the TSA just wants to err on the side of caution when it comes to anything that remotely resemble a weapon.
Covering Your Electronics

Laptops are not banned, but it's always a good idea to place your laptop and cell phone on a separate tray from the rest of your belongings. If the device happens to be covered by your coat or bag, your tray might be singled out by the screener.
Multiple Lighters

Each person is only allowed to bring one zippo lighter on the plane. It has to be properly concealed in your pocket or carry-on bag, and you're not allowed to take it out on the plane.
Ice Cream

Ice cream is unfortunately for checked baggage only. Yeah, we're really bummed about it too.
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