How To Get A Celeb-Approved Microcurrent Facial Without Leaving Your Couch

If the whole boutique-fitness movement isn't exactly your cup of golden milk as it is, there's no skin-care concept less appealing than the idea of a workout for your skin. There's enough to worry about in life, like death, taxes, and how you're going to pay for your next 30-day unlimited hot-yoga pass — now you need to be aware of facial fitness, too? But as off-putting as the whole "exercise for your face" thing might seem at first, microcurrent facials are anything but exhausting. In fact, all you have to do is lay there and let the technologically-advanced device work your facial muscles for you.

"The electrical stimulation works by mimicking the way the brain relays messages to the muscles," aesthetician Kerry Benjamin explains. "The goal, then, is to speed up the body’s natural regenerative processes, which is why it’s used for anti-aging, firming, toning, and stimulating facial muscles." And while you'll often see microcurrent treatments heralded as the best way to prep for any red-carpet ceremony coming up on your schedule, you don't need to have a couture gown hanging in a closet at the Ritz to get the benefits of the muscle-stimulating currents.

Ahead, the five best tools for getting a microcurrent facial in the comfort of your own home, best used while seated in front of the TV. If only all workouts were this easy.

This affordable set gets the stamp of approval from Benjamin, who uses it on her own clients during professional treatments. It's not just the gentle electrical stimulation that makes her a fan, but also the added benefit from the argon-electrode attachments, which emit a blue-violet light and create oxygen that help kill bacteria beneath the skin — therefore curbing acne in the process.

New Spa High Frequency Personal Device with 5 Argon Electrodes, $79, available at My New Spa.
Forget about charging docks that collect dust or USB cords that inevitably get lost in a drawer: This sleek silver model comes equipped with a solar panel on the handle to transform both sunlight and indoor light into microcurrents to stimulate skin on the go, no clunky charging apparatus necessary. Far out.

ReFa S Carat, $160, available at Dermstore.
You've already seen it all over Instagram — now it's time to try this enormously popular toning tool for yourself. With a shape and size not unlike a computer mouse (remember those?), the curved handle makes it super easy to use, and the interchangeable attachments promise visible results with just five minutes of treatment a day.

NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device, $325, available at NuFace.
The professional-grade technology behind this newer model harnesses energy from radio frequencies to naturally trigger collagen production without the "zap" some other microcurrent devices impart — in fact, it feels more like a warm, soothing facial massage.

NEWA Skin Care System, $450, available at Neiman Marcus.
One handheld device, six different treatment settings, all controlled through a proprietary app (an Apple Store exclusive — sorry, Android users) that you use to select one of the "electrical cocktails" developed by aesthetician Melanie Simon. It's the microcurrent device of the future... as if microcurrent devices weren't futuristic enough as is.

Ziip Electrical Skincare Device, $495, available at Ziip Beauty.
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