The Workout Songs You'll Hear In 2019

Workout instructors and trainers don't get enough credit for all that they do: They motivate us to be the best versions of ourselves, they teach us helpful exercises, and most importantly, they introduce us to killer playlists and songs that make workouts way better.

The truth is, your trainer probably spends a long time crafting the perfect playlist that they know will keep you going rep after rep. Some even remix songs themselves to match the workout intervals or stretch sessions. Music is important during a workout, and research has shown that music can make exercise feel easier, or less intimidating to people.


If you've made some fitness-oriented goal for the New Year (starting a weight-lifting routine or working on your flexibility, for example), you might be looking for some new music to inspire you. We asked top trainers in New York City to share the songs they'll be playing during the New Year. Some are throwback hits, and others are brand new remixes: Here are their heart-pumping workout tracks for 2019.

"Dreaming Of You," Selena

"I've been obsessed with Selena since I was a little girl, and Netflix is coming out with a new scripted series about her life in 2019," says Shai'La Stiggers, a SoulCycle instructor in Las Vegas. "Love stretching to this one."
"How Does It Feel," M-22

"This song is a total mood and vibe," Stiggers says. "Every time I play it in class, I see literal smiles appear on my riders' faces and I love it. For me, this song is a dedication to 2019, and having a healthy, happy and successful year!"
"Twerk," City Girls feat. Cardi B

"Dope, energizing track that's perfect for choreo," Stiggers says. "Cardi B is my inner rockstar, and I love her verse on this. She's so unapologetically herself, it's fantastic!"
"In My Feelings," Brasstracks Remix

"This jazz, instrumental cover of Drake's summer hit is ridiculous!" Stiggers says.
"Womp Womp," Valee feat. Jeremih

"The bass + hook = fire," Stiggers says.
"Moment 4 Life," Nicki Minaj

"This song really empowers you to celebrate your victories," says FLOWWj0, an instructor at Y7 East Village. "We tend to be happy for ourselves but are taught to remain humble. While I agree with being humble, I am also a huge advocate for acknowledging what you have done and what you are worth. In 2019 let's celebrate more victories!"
"Make Me Proud," Drake

"Drake says, 'I'm so proud of you, everything adding up, you've been to hell, and back that's why you bad AF.' I like that this song makes references to a woman overcoming struggles to get where she is and then validating her journey," FLOWWjo says. "There are new journeys that come with 2019, and this song reminds you that, you overcame it once, you can do it again."
"Coming To My Senses," Alina Baraz

"Loving this song because it talks about not understanding the feelings she is experiencing for another person, not being able to control it, but loving it," FLOWWjo says. "Great for a 2019 playlist, because we should want to enter the new year open to love, even if we don't really understand it at first."
"thank u, next," Ariana Grande

"Play this after you crush your 30 minutes on the bike. Find a yoga mat, and sing 'thank u, stretch,'" says Aaptiv Master Trainer, John Thornhill. "Ariana hinted on her IG there’s a new project she can’t wait to share with the world. We’re ready, Ari."
"DNA," the Backstreet Boys

"They’re back, y’all!" Thornhill says.
"Stronger," Britney Spears

"Still to this day the BEST way to finish out your final set of burpees," Thornhill says.
"One Kiss," Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa, R3hab Remix

"That drop will have you sprinting faster than you ever did in 2018," Thornhill says.
"This is Me," Keala Settle, Missy Elliot, and Kesha

"Warning: that sweat could also be tears of joy," Thornhill says.
"In My Feelings," Drake

"This song will have your feeing yourself and living your truth at the gym," Thornhill says.
"Money," Cardi B

"Best song to dance to on the elliptical," Thornhill says. "She’s unstoppable, just like her Insta stories."
"I Like It," Cardi B, Bad Bunny and J Balvin, Power Music Workout remix

"One of my favorite songs on recent playlists is the Power Music Workout remix of 'I Like It,'" says April Hamner, NYC-based master trainer and Pure Barre on-demand teacher. "The song hits so hard and is so fun, but this remix brings a whole new flavor to it. Plus it’s long, which is hard to find! It’s perfect for those longer sections of class."
"Booty," Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Lopez, and Pitbull, Bali Bandits remix

"The 'Booty' Bali Bandits remix is a really good song," Hamner says. "Who doesn’t push a little harder when you also feel like you might be at a dance party?"
"Gone," Emily Claman

"'Gone' is more for the end of class cool down," Hamner says. "Emily Claman is an up and coming artist in NYC. This song has so much soul and will totally give you all the feels after pushing yourself so hard all of class. Perfect way to clear yourself physically and emotionally!"
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