This 30-Day Total Body Fitness Challenge Is Perfect For Holiday Travel

Photographed by: James Farrell.
Hold up: Did you somehow get the impression that you have to have a gym membership or fancy fitness equipment to get a sick workout? The truth is, all you really need is your body itself in order to exercise — but if you happen to have a chair (and I'm pretty sure you do, somewhere), you can dial up the volume and really challenge yourself at home.
Awesome things about chairs — other than the fact that sitting feels really great sometimes, if we're being honest — include:
1. You can use them as substitute barres for ballet-inspired workouts.
2. They can function as workout benches for many moves.
3. The elevated platform (a.k.a. the seat) can make some moves more accessible, and make others harder. It's all about gravity!
That's why we're bringing you this 30-day full-body fitness challenge that only requires a chair. You'll combine barre- and Pilates-inspired moves with a core engager (yep, you can do core work while sitting!), plus a good old-fashioned push-up for good measure. By the end of the month, you'll feel stronger — and you'll never look at a chair the same way again.
Little safety note before we get going: It's important to make sure the chair you're using is sturdy and balanced, and that it's sitting on a stable surface. You might want to push it up against a wall for extra support. (As much as I love the idea of squeezing in a workout at the office, if you sit on a rolling desk chair, I can't really endorse it.)
Read on for the 30-day calendar and the moves.

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