13 Winged Eyeliner Looks That Are Far From Basic

The moment you master winged eyeliner, the classic shape becomes the only thing you want to wear. It's like the first time you learn how to properly cut an avocado, and you instantly transform into a Masterchef — in your mind — and post perfectly plated avocado toast on Instagram every morning. (You go, Glen Coco.) But that black flick can get real old, real fast — and that's when it's time to start challenging yourself.

On Instagram, celebrities and makeup pros are always experimenting with different winged eyeliner looks. From graphic shapes to bold colors, there are hundreds of variations that you've haven't tapped into yet. Ahead, we've rounded up some of the best wings that we've saved lately so that you don't have to go digging through your feed for inspiration. Oh, and if you're not the best at eyeliner, no worries — some of these not-so-basic shapes are meant to be abstract.

Draw a cat-eye without filling it in for a negative-space effect. Still want to take it up a notch? Dust on pink and orange pigments for that bright pop of color that will make your black liner stand out even more.
Celebrities have been loving the neon eyeliner trend on the red carpet. This gorgeous blue wing on Sophie Turner adds a subtle hint of color to an otherwise neutral makeup look.
Speaking of celebrities, they can't get enough of white eyeliner, too. If you do decide to go for it, Fenty global makeup artist Priscilla Ono advises to go minimal with color on the rest of your face. "Remember it's a bright color, so it actually really stands out; sometimes less is more," she previously told Refinery29.
This winged look on makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes combines all our favorite summer colors: an orange floating crease, a seafoam highlight in the inner corners, and a fuchsia cat-eye.
Once you've mastered a jeweled wing like this one, there's no turning back. You'll want to make this your statement accessory at every event.
To add a graphic element, you can loop your wing back over your crease as seen here and layer a complementary color underneath to really make the lines pop.
Or, just leave the graphic shape without color. It'll still make just as much of a statement.
Lucy Boynton serves eye makeup lewks on every red carpet she attends. We're putting this sharp, double-ended wing on our summer must-try list.
Sometimes, two is better than one. That's the vibe celebrity makeup artist Vincent Oquendo went with when he layered white and blue on the top and bottom lids to create this fun look.
Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images.
You can bring an assortment of trends together like winged white eyeliner, colored mascara, and glossy lids to recreate the dreamy look that Janelle Monáe rocked at Paris Fashion Week.
Remember when your grade-school teachers would tell you to draw inside the lines? Yeah, no. Get artistic and take your lines wherever you want.
Whoever said glitter eyeliner isn't ideal for everyday wear needs to have a little bit more fun if you ask us. We especially love how this look has a contrasting shade on the bottom lashline.
Take a winged outline in black then fill it in with a pastel shade to really make your liner pop.
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