How To Suck Less At Applying Eyeliner, With Tips From Pros

Photographed by Savanna Ruedy.
We've got an Achilles heel when it comes to applying makeup. It's the one step we skip out on when we've pressed the snooze button one too many times because it takes about four different tries to get it just right. We've even been known to dodge it altogether because, well, our hand-eye coordination isn't the best. We're not talking about false lashes or the dreaded smoky eye. No, we got beef with eyeliner.
Liner is a common hit-or-miss situation. You have to get it perfectly close to the lashline, make sure both eyes match, and don't even get us started on achieving the flawless cat-eye flick. But somehow pros and bloggers make applying eyeliner seem as if it's as easy as swiping on Chapstick with their videos on Instagram. So, we finally said enough is enough, and reached out to these pros to get their foolproof tricks and tips for getting eyeliner right (on at least the second try).
Ahead, how to apply eyeliner like a pro, straight from the experts.

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