We Asked A Natural Wine Advocate Which Online Shops Stock The Good Bottles

In this installment of "Where The Experts Shop", Katherine Clary, founder of the Wine Zine , and author of the newly published book Wine, Unfiltered shares her go-to digital haunts for natural wines.

While I’ll always maintain that going into a wine shop, chatting with the shopkeeper, and dutifully inspecting each bottle before purchasing is my preferred way to shop for wine, the current state of the world is not allowing us to have nice things. Fine! No matter: it’s 2020, and small, natural wine-focused shops around the country are shipping straight to your door.


The one thing I love about shopping for wine online is the opportunity to really spend time reading descriptions, which translates to learning about the wine. (Yes, that’s right, you can get a something of a wine education while shopping for wine—if you’re doing it in the right place.) Unfortunately, wine labels aren’t required to list the many additives that end up in most wine, which gives us all the more reason to shop from trusted sources that will tell you what a winemaker believes in, or at least how they make their wine. Low sulfites? Native yeast? Hand-picked grapes? Woman-owned? You’re about to be a kid adult in a candy natural wine store.

The best online shops love what they do and are eager to share their knowledge about an esoteric grape, region, or winemaker on their website and in their newsletters. Come for the wine, stay for the facts about foot-crushing and donkey-plowed land.

Shop from the comfort of your couch for a hazy, orange-like-sunset fizzy pet-nat (a natural method of creating a lightly sparkling wine) or the chilled, dusty red you’ve been meaning to make your house wine. These are the shops I’ve bookmarked and think you should, too. I also encourage a sign-up to their newsletters, where you’ll sometimes get subscriber-only discounts or early notifications about new arrivals.

Katherine Clary is a wine writer and editor focused on low-intervention and natural wines. She is the founder of the Wine Zine , a biannual print publication about natural wine and the author of Wine, Unfiltered .

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If you’re looking for a special bottle of low-intervention wine made by a female winemaker, look no further than Vinovore (which is female-owned, too!) I love reading her tasting notes, which include handwritten comments like “Listen close, this wine sizzles.”

TRY: Stolpman's 'Love You Bunches', a cold red strawberry dream.
Stolpman Love You Bunches, $25.00 Buy

Kingston Wine Co.

Owner Michael Drapkin has an in-depth selection of natural wine (plus natural sake, cider, and some spirits) at his shop, which is nestled in upstate New York. I admire his ability to procure both experimental innovators in natural wine alongside the originators of the low-intervention movement.

TRY: Agnés & René Mosse's Magic of Juju, a fun expression of Chenin Blanc, which might be my favorite grape.
Agnès & René Mosse Magic of Juju, $26.99 Buy

Dépanneur Wines

Overseen by chef and sommelier Zachary Gonzales, Dépanneur Wines has a considered selection of low-intervention wines that span the globe. Check out the newly created 'éditions' section, where you'll find a curated selection of his favorite wines alongside stories about the winemakers.

TRY: Chëpika Catawba Pet Nat, is a dusty rose, aromatic sparkling wine made with indigenous grapes in the Finger Lakes region of New York.
Chepika Catawba Chepika Catawba Pet Nat, $36.05 Buy


Harlem-based wine shop Pompette is beloved in the neighborhood and offers a wide selection of wine and spirits. Check their Instagram for their natural offerings, then search for them on the site for the best experience.

TRY: Meinklang Frizzante Pinot Noir Rosé, a beloved fizzy wine by some Austrian natural wine stars.
Meinklang Frizzante Pinot Noir Rosé, $19.00 Buy

Rock Juice

Sommelier Melissa Gisler started this natural wine subscription service to offer a tightly curated experience to wine drinkers, but their site also features a strong bottle shop with great tasting notes and anecdotes about the winemakers (most of whom she visits herself before buying).

TRY: Ovum "Big Salt" Orange Rosé, a beginner orange that you might want to introduce the family to.
Ovum "Big Salt" Orange Rosé, $22.00 Buy

Thirst Merchants

Thirst Merchants appeals to the real natural wine nerd in all of us, especially with their categories for "High Funk" and "Medium Funk." A helpful online shop if you're looking for something on the hazy, wild end of the spectrum.

TRY: Les Temps des Cerises, "Avanti Popolo", a dusty blitz of cherries and chalk.
Le Temps des Cerises Avanti Popolo, $24.00 Buy

The Natural Wine Shoppe

DC-based The Natural Wine Shoppe's brightly photographed bottles remind me of a jewelry store (and we know pet-nat is better than pearls). Their in-depth descriptions and frequent promotions don't hurt, either.

TRY: Force Celeste Pet Nat, a lightly bubbled salty spritz of a wine.
Pét Nat Force Celeste, $29.99 Buy


Henry Glucroft slings wine out of a delightfully overstuffed shop in Brooklyn. His website is frequently updated with all sorts of heavy hitters from the natural wine world, plus some natural wine literature.

TRY: Mani de Luna's Sangiovese, a juicy liter of chillable red.
Mani di Luna Umbria Sangiovese, $22.99 Buy
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