These Towels Remove Your Makeup & Help The Environment

After a long day, there's no greater thrill than going home, taking off your bra, opening up a bottle of wine, and washing your face — anything to remove every trace of the office and get closer to the comfort of your bed (or your nightly Netflix binge).

When it's time to take off our makeup, we typically take the easy way out and use a makeup wipe. It's so convenient — no cleanser, no water, no mess around the sink. And once you're done, you just toss it in the bin... but have you ever thought about what happens with that wipe once it's trashed?


Well, traditional cleansing wipes can pile up in landfills just like body wipes and ultimately harm the planet if they aren't sustainable or biodegradable. But what if you could take off your makeup and help the Earth? Enter: makeup cleansing towels.

These are just as soft as your favorite cotton towel, but their primary job is to remove makeup with or without cleanser (kind of like an old-school washcloth but better). Once it's dirty enough, you throw it in your laundry bag, wash, and repeat.

Just in time for Earth Day, we've rounded up the best makeup-removing towels, ahead.

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You can help change the fact that tons of makeup wipes are tossed into landfills every single day with a product like The Makeup Eraser, which can be washed up to 1,000 times — that should last you three to five years, at least.
Makeup Eraser The Original MakeUp Eraser Makeup Remover Cloth$20.00 Buy
These towels come in sets of two, which is perfect if laundry day gets delayed (#life). You can choose the aesthetic you want for your bathroom by selecting your design: these cute eyelids, the phrase "Stain Me," or heart eyes (which sold out in 12 hours).
Weezie Towels Makeup Towels (pair)$40.00 Buy
Just add water to one of these soft circles for light-to-heavy makeup removal and a gentle exfoliation. One of these can be used up to 200 times, replacing up to 500 wipes, according to the brand. In addition to being reusable, these hypoallergenic towels are great for sensitive skin types that break out from the cleansing ingredients found in most wipes.
Face Halo Face Halo Pro$22.00 Buy
Not only are these makeup-removing pads eco-friendly, but the package they come in is made from 100% recycled materials. Once you've worn your Croon pad out (which should happen around 200 washes), you can send it back to the company, where they ensure the microfiber fabric is upcycled.
Croon cleansing starter fibers in lavender$26.00 Buy
Helping the planet doesn't have to be pricey, this option from Ulta comes with two for only $10. And the fact that you only need water to get rid of your mascara, foundation, and lipstick saves you money on cleansers, too. That's a win-win.
Ulta Beauty Beauty Smarts Makeup Removing Towel Set$10.00 Buy
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