Now You Can Order Jeans Via Hotel Room Service

Everyone knows that room service makes even the most basic, spaghetti dinner feel like a queenly indulgence. Now, thanks to a partnership between Gap and Virgin Hotels, you can get that same buzz from ordering a pair of skinny jeans. Draw a bath, hit the minibar, and let your next pair of jeans come straight to you!

Read on for more about this important development in never having to leave your room — and more of this week's best moments in pants.

Photo: Courtesy of Chanel.
Everyone knows that haute couture is the least pants-iest of all the fashion weeks. It's basically where Rihanna goes to shop for her next internet-breaking red carpet lewk (prediction), not where norms like you and me go to cover our lower halves. At its Casino Royale-themed show, Chanel really drove this point home, showing a whopping 66 skirt and dress looks, until this, the closer.

Here, Lagerfeld gives Kendall Jenner the angular haircut and not so subtle blush contouring of an '80s hair salon poster. And in keeping with the '80s theme, a bridal pantsuit. Because the alpha female must Dress For Success at all times, even on her wedding day.
Photo: Via @Gap.
You know how room service makes ordering a burger and fries feel fancy? Now, so can shopping for skinny jeans.

This week, Gap announced a partnership that lets guests at Virgin Hotels shop any style at (not just jeans), and have them delivered direct to your hotel room. Definitely useful in the case of lost luggage, or if your destination ends up being warmer, colder, or more casual than you expected.
Photo: Via Opening Ceremony.
For its spring '16 men's collection, Opening Ceremony cited as inspiration the "breeding ground for teen rebellion" that is the teenage bedroom. Guess that explains why it featured the JNCO-rific silhouette shown here, which we haven't seen outside our own actual teenage bedrooms, in 1996.

It's not yet clear how the man-culottes shown here fit into that moody-teen moodboard, but I think we can all agree that these gender-bending high-waters need to be dubbed "dude-lottes" immediately.
So, here's the thing about cellulite: It's not harmful, and it does not interfere with your quality of life. There's no solid reason to fear it, loathe it, or work to eradicate it from your body — by any means necessary. That said, lots of women aren't down with the dimples, and for them, getting rid of cellulite means committing to a regimen of creams, supplements, and massagers, not usually seen outside Beverly Hills. Bummer, right?

Or, you could just wear Beija Flor jeans. They use a specially-made, compression fabric that promises to reduce the appearance of cellulite over time. Which is cool, because you were probably going to wear jeans anyway.

The company's currently conducting 30-day tests to prove they're the real thing, and we'll be getting a pair to try out too. Watch this space for our special report on any dimple decrease.
Beija Flor Audrey Ankle Jean, $168.00 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.
Remember how, after their streaking Superbowl ad, the internet briefly tried to create outrage over naked Minions a thing? Thankfully, that did not catch on — thus restoring our faith in humanity. And anyway, as VH1 points out this week, cartoon characters have a long history of going proudly pantless.

Don't believe us? Check out a twerking Squidward, twirling Winnie the Pooh, and eight more beloved cartoon characters pants-free and loving life. Now that you mention it, Porky, all black tie on top and pigskin on the bottom is actually super weird...
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