We Made Our Own Deodorant & Other Notes From 5 Days Of DIY-ing

DIY offers an alternative to our typical consumer culture, in which we rely on other people to fulfill our needs. It allows us to get scrappy, take things into our own hands, and perhaps even save a little bit of money along the way.

This week, I took on five DIY projects in different areas of my life, from planting an indoor herb garden to making infused olive oils. And I picked up a few new skills along the way. I even visited Lauren Singer (@TrashIsForTossers) and learned to make zero-waste toothpaste and deodorant.

A huge shout-out to Pass the Pistil, BASH Studio, and Luci's Morsels for the inspiration. What are your favorite DIY projects? DM me on Instagram (@LucieBFink) to share your ideas!

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