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Lucie Fink Accepts A 5-Day Minimalism Challenge

Can a maximalist like Lucie Fink adopt a minimalist's lifestyle for five days in a row?

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Are you still clinging onto that collage of the Friends cast you made in middle school? Do you ever find random pieces of clothing in your purse? As a self-proclaimed maximalist, I certainly fall victim to the clutter of holding onto old memories. Let’s be real: Getting rid of things is hard. It takes effort to think about minimizing the amount of stuff in your life.
Minimalists strive to live in the moment, create more and consume less, and rid themselves of unnecessary things. There’s a freedom that comes from this practice: the freedom to make choices that are more deliberate and, in turn, more fulfilling.
Watch as Lucie Fink tries her best to clear out the clutter and reclaim organization.
Minimalist Living Video Experiment MinimalismReleased on May 16, 2016

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