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I Created An Indoor Garden In 5 Days — Here’s How I Did It

How Lucie Fink became a plant lady in just five days.

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I am a total plant killer. In the past few years, any plants I've tried to keep at home or at work have died in my care. For a while, this pattern kept me from buying new plants — I accepted that I simply didn't have enough time, space or knowledge to properly care for these living things. But when my YouTube audience suggested I try, "5 Days of Indoor Gardening" for a new episode of Try Living with Lucie, I knew it was time to give it another shot.
Gardening takes time and patience, and if you don't know what you're doing, it can be incredibly challenging. To help get me set up for success, I partnered with an old friend of mine Maria Failla is currently the producer and host of the Bloom & Grow Radio Podcast and we went to high school together. She's a self-proclaimed succulent-killer-turned-crazy-plant-lady, and with all of the knowledge she's acquired over the past year, she taught me the basics of how to plant, grow, and maintain greenery at home and at work.
Five days later, I now have 26 plants. In addition to caring for your typical houseplants, I put myself to the ultimate test and started growing some edible indoor plants: a few herbs in the kitchen, some microgreens on the windowsill, and even a baby lime tree! It’s one thing to own plants and take care of them, but it’s an entirely different feeling to harvest greens that you can eat and nourish your body with.
This week has impacted my life more than most of my challenges. After each episode has been filmed, I typically go back to my everyday way of life...but this week, my environment has been forever changed. Check out the video above to watch this challenge unfold.
How To Plant An Indoor Garden — Inside PlantsReleased on June 1, 2018

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