These Cardi B Fans Are Taking Their Devotion To The Next Level

I love Cardi B. You love Cardi B. We all love Cardi B. Between her rad beauty looks, boundless one-liners, refreshing candor, and historic chart-topping hits, she’s permeated just about every aspect of American culture and proved herself a doyenne in the process. But is it enough to show our love for all things Cardi by making memes alone? The answer for super-fans: a resounding hell no. To prove their adoration for the self-professed regular, degular, shmegular girl, devotees are showing their devotion in a more permanent way — by getting tribute tattoos. Among them: bloody shoe and money moves references, naturally.

Of course, Cardi isn’t the first star to inspire major ink — she joins Ryan Gosling, 2Chainz, and a well of other celebs who have become the subjects of fan tattoos. Last month, fiancé Offset became a member of the inked cult of Cardi by getting her name tattooed on his neck. If it were us gunning for Cardi-inspired ink, we’d have to go with her perfectly pithy tweet: “unbothered, moisturized, in my lane, well-hydrated, flourishing.” It’s good, right? So are a lot of other designs inspired by the rapper, ahead.

It’s Bardi season all day, every day with this design, which includes a red-bottom shoe as a nod to “Bodak Yellow,” a Cartier bangle in homage to the track “Bartier Cardi”, and tribute to “Bronx Season,” heard on the rapper’s GBMV2 mixtape.
Tattoo artist Courtney Raimondi took the "bloody shoe" reference literally for her client's foot ink.
Clean lettering with a crown topper makes for a boss forearm tattoo, by New York-based tattooist Galo Balseca
This coverup, also created by Balseca, transformed faded initials on the wrist to a graphic Louboutin-like design signed with Cardi’s name.
This simple script of Cardi’s name belongs to the rapper’s fiance, Offset.
Arizona-based tattoo artist Lindsey Rhoades created two Cardi B tribute designs for this fan: “bloody moves” script across the front ankles and a pair of red-soled heels on the back calf.
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