Cardi B Isn't Shy In Pinpointing The Dark & Unexpected Side Of Fame

Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images.
We have some news: 2018 is the year of Cardi B. Anything she does becomes a meme and makes its way across the internet faster than you can say "brrrrp!" Most recently, she appeared on the cover of CR Fashion Book with none other than Zendaya, and the two sat down to interview each other about fame, family, and growing up, and Cardi B wasn't afraid to be honest. She admitted that there are definitely positive things about being famous: "My family, whatever they want, they get. Everything that I want to buy, I can get. I don’t have to worry so much about my future." But there are also aspects she wasn't prepared for.
"One negative thing is that, even though I’m happy, I feel like I was a little bit happier two or three years ago when I had less money," she admitted. "I had less people who had opinions about my life. I felt like my life was mine. Now I feel like I don’t even own my life. I feel like the world owns me."
After all, Cardi is just a regular, degular, shmegular girl, and the things that influence her have nothing to do with being famous.
"My role models are the people around me who I see working," she said. "Like for example, my mom would come home from work and get cooking right away. I also admire my homegirl, right? She used to strip. As soon as she would come home at five or six in the morning, she would finish counting singles, then get her son ready for school, and boom, take him to school."
Being a mother is the ultimate goal for Cardi, which might be why she's always surrounded by pregnancy rumors — which she indirectly addressed on the red carpet of Sunday night's Grammys. Despite her newfound fame, her goals are pretty much the same as everyone else's: "to have beautiful kids, a beautiful mansion, and do business that makes me money until the day I die."
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