Zendaya Proves She Really Is The Greatest Show(wo)man

Photo: Don Arnold/WireImage.
Our lady Zendaya — talent incarnate, star of The Greatest Showman, and former Bella Thorne collaborator — appears in Vanity Fair's 2018 Hollywood portfolio, right alongside some of the biggest actors in the world. Literally, Oprah Winfrey is in this spread. Oh, and Nicole Kidman. And Robert De Niro and Jessica Chastain.
Zendaya is an outlier, if only because of her age. The actress, née Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, is 21 years old. She's been a part of the zeitgeist really since 2010, when she was cast in Disney Channel's Shake It Up. (Bella Thorne also starred.) She went on to star in her own series K.C. Undercover in 2015, and now she's here, a movie star with two major films under her belt. This year, she starred in Spider-Man: Homecoming as M.J. She also starred in The Greatest Showman, a circus musical that currently has an album at the top of the charts.
The truth is, Zendaya is a superstar, and it's time we acknowledged her power. She's Gen Z, a part of the new forward-thinking generation. She loves social media. She's fearless in fashion. And, she was really good in Spider-Man: Homecoming. (Don't worry, she's going to appear in the sequel.) On top of all that, she's invested in being a role model for future generations.
"I’ve had the luxury of watching people do this before me, and I realize that [being a role model] is actually a huge part of the job," she told InStyle in November. "You sign up for that. You’re being watched. You can choose to accept that and appreciate it, or you can choose not to. That’s 100 percent your choice. I choose to acknowledge it."
See the photos of Zendaya in Vanity Fair here.
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