These Are The Best Dr. Pimple Popper Videos Of All Time — If You're Into That

If you delight in watching gooey zits pop and in seeing their nasty insides shoot across the room, take comfort in knowing that you are in the company of millions. And the Internet is totally supportive of your habit, too, providing popping videos in spades. At the forefront of the most gruesome ones is Dr. Sandra Lee (you know her as Dr. Pimple Popper), who posts intimate excavation videos of blackheads so big and cysts so goopy, they have to be seen to be believed. With more than 1.8 million extraction videos on YouTube, Dr. Lee’s clips are in fine company.

If you see a “freaking goldmine,” as one commenter posted, where others just see a lumpy nose — or just can’t look away from never-ending streams of pus that drain from enlarged pores — then hold onto your tweezers, because we’ve assembled the ultimate pimple porn playlist.


Ahead, see the most watched extraction videos of all time, each more intense than the last. And hold onto your lunch, you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Dr. Pimple Popper's most sensitive treatment zone is, by far, the eyes. In this video, Dr. Lee targets a blackhead-turned-cystic pimple on the outer corner of a patient's eye. Just as she would for any other open comedone, the dermatologist used an aggressively sharp 11-blade extractor to tackle it.
Suffer from milia? This quick pop video will have you feeling very inspired to finally see your derm to remove those little suckers.
Sometimes, Dr. Lee's Instagrams are the best way to see her methods up close and personal (you know, if you actually want a closer look). In this clip, the dermatologist slowly squeezes away what appears to be a minefield of blackheads. In reality, Dr.Pimple Popper is using tweezers to remove sebaceous filaments, which are dead skin cells around a hair follicle.
In this video showing a dilated pore of winer extraction (skin congestion that’s often years — and sometimes decades — in the making), Dr. Pimple Popper removes a black mass from the back of a patient’s shoulder that’s about the size of a bullet. Once the mass is removed, the affected area looks like the skin that surrounds a belly button and must be kept agape rather than stitched shut in order to heal properly. Basically, you’ve got to see it to believe it.
This extraction video doesn’t look like much at first — the patient brandishes a barely-noticeable blackhead that has taken residence on her lip. But then dermatologist Sandra Lee gets her hands on the area and things get real — fast. After an incision is made on the upper lip, the area is held open with tools, and given a little wiggle. Bam! Out pops a mass that Lee affectionately nicknames “a baby river rock.” Um, cute? Three stitches later, the patient is sent packing, a load lighter in the lip.
After watching back-to-back extraction videos, you’ll start to notice a little pattern (if not swear off creamy foods): Many of the clogged pores are located on parts of the body that are tough for the patients to see themselves, like the backside of the body or in crevices of the ears. Sure enough, this patient’s long-neglected blackhead is located on her shoulder blade and once Dr. Lee gets started, another cyst is discovered, taking up connecting space. You’ll have to watch for the all the gory details.
Is the couple that visits the dermatologist together the couple that stays together? In this video, Lee treats a woman who is accompanied by her husband for the appointment. The pair has been married for more than 50 years, but something tells us the partnership has never been tested like this before. When addressing sizable blackheads on the patient's back, a dark brown goo is released, along with the the white muck that comprises the blackhead’s sack. After all is scraped out, the patient’s skin looks much smoother. Have you ever seen a better display of in sickness and in health?
If the videos thus far were child's play to you, then try stomaching this bad boy, which uses a medical camera for extreme closeups. In this clip, Dr. Sandra Lee takes her pimple-popping skills to The Doctors studio and addresses a blackhead on the back of a patient’s ear. Thanks to the camera’s closeup, the goo-factor is gnarlier than ever.
A long-suffering patient with a blackhead on his back gets the Dr. Pimple Popper treatment — and the white goop that’s released as a result is pretty astounding. The patient gamely called the process, “a good way to lose weight,” but by our measure, it’s more like a good way to lose our lunch.
How do you find out that a blackhead has set up shop on the backside of your ear? If you’re this woman, it’s via a full-body scan, which detected the shark’s tooth-sized blockage seen in this clip. After cutting away at the back of the ear, Dr. Lee pulled a hardened, black mass from a pocket of skin. “You could smuggle diamonds in here,” the good doctor remarked about the accommodating space within skin. As if that weren't enough must-see TV, the derm goes on to dislodge a few additional blackheads from the patient’s complexion, too.
Some blackheads are so big and deep, that the removal is hard to watch. (Who are we kidding? These are all hard to watch.) While other times, the removal strategy is all about quantity. Here, Dr. Lee has her work cut out for her thanks to the sheer number of blackheads on one individual.
Some people consult a pricey plastic surgeon to re-shape their noses. But this man, who suffers from glandular rosacea (which causes thickening of the skin) experienced a similar effect by having oversized blackheads and whiteheads expunged from his nose. As Dr. Pimple Popper frees pore after pore of excess oil and skin cells (which comes out in gunky, long strings), the man’s nose smooths out and becomes slimmer.
Dr. Pimple Popper told Bustle that this bump on a man's left hip was so large that she thought it was a case of lipoma (a growth of fat cells). Alas, it was just a face-shaped cyst — one that oozed buckets of weird gray liquid when she burst it.
Its official: This video of a cyst popping might have just ruined the unicorn trend for us once and for all.
Think of this video as the adult equivalent of visiting the public pool: Do not eat 30 minutes before pressing play. "The pasty contents are mostly composed of macerated keratin (wet skin cells), which creates this 'cheesy' consistency, and there can be a pungent odor," Dr. Pimple Popper described in the video's caption.
You might want to postpone your brunch plans. Dr. Lee's biggest pop yet (virtually, at least) is this grapefruit-sized growth. Of course, we can't squirm too much, as proceeds from the derm's first pay-per-view-type video went to Hurricane Harvey victims.
Commenters likened the yellow pus in this clip to mustard — must we always compare these extractions to food, though?
Another dilated pore of winer extraction to convince you it's time to use that lactic acid serum before it's too late.
In this Instagram video, Dr. Lee extracts a blackhead embedded deep within scar tissue. Proof that, yes, it's possible, but best left to a professional.
In this mini clip, you're able to see her snip away at a skin tag the way some of us cut through paper.
In February 2018, Dr. Lee embarked on new territory — the scalp. This client suffered from a trichilemmal cyst on the back of his head, which is firm on the outside but benign. Lee explained that while they're harmless, most people get them removed for cosmetic reasons.
Later that month, she tackled another trichilemmal cyst, which was the size of a garlic bulb... and compared to another food. "They're like little olives under the skin," she said while extracting it.
Believe it or not, but this big neck bump is not an Adam's apple. It's a huge epidermoid cyst that is benign. However, this patient wanted to be proactive by having it removed, as he's experienced thyroid cancer. "The pasty contents are mostly composed of macerated keratin (wet skin cells), which creates this 'cheesy' consistency, and there can be a pungent odor," Dr. Lee said in the video description. We'll take her word for it...
So far, it's taken four sessions for Dr. Lee to treat this patient's case of steatocystoma, which are small and multiple cysts that are inflamed by bacteria. She likened them to Skittles, but we don't want to taste the rainbow — the procedure was a pretty bloody one.
If our arm forearm were to swell as a result of a spider bite, we’d be in the first Lyft to the hospital. But hey, that’s just us. The dude in this video chose another approach — to self treat with a needle and some paper towels. With a little poking and prodding to excavate the spider bite wound, yellowish-whitish pus begins to run down his arm as if flowing from a faucet. There are not enough paper towels to triage gunk like this. After five minutes of draining the area — and grunting his way through the pain — our guy gives up. Here’s hoping he gave doctors the next crack at remedying the painful wound.
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