16 Comfy Flats For Every Formal Occasion

When you dress up for a formal occasion, you undoubtedly step into a pair of heels. Going to a wedding? Strappy stilettos. A job interview? Perfect pumps. Heels just have a way of instantly elevating any look. But, you don't have to teeter three inches above the earth to have a killer ensemble — you can look polished and sleek without wincing in pain at every step.

As proof, we rounded up comfy flats perfect for four types of formal occasions you'll likely encounter this summer, and these steppers are every bit as sexy and gorgeous as any pair of heels. Ahead, see how you can get back to enjoying your life sans podiatrist bill. Save that cash for a few extra pairs of shoes instead.

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For A Cocktail Party

Ditch the heels, and go for…: Forward-feeling flats with conversation-starting details like shine and cool PVC detailing.
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For A Job Interview

Ditch the heels, and go for…: Kicks that are just as sophisticated and sleek as a classic pair of pumps. Think pointed-toe, d'orsay, or oxford styles.
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For A First Date

Ditch the heels, and go for…: Flats that are just as sexy as a pair of sky-high stilettos with opened-toe details and sleek accents like buckles and glimmer.
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