You Have 14 New Netflix Treats To Binge This Weekend — Here’s What’s Worth Watching

The holiday season is officially in full swing over on Netflix

Earlier this week, the streaming service premiered A Knight Before Christmas, the latest in its now-classic string of endearingly cheesy holiday films, and Holiday Secret, a criminally under-the-radar German miniseries about the lies we tell the ones we love the most (and what happens when the truth comes spilling out on Christmas). Netflix wraps up the week’s yuletide-ready content parade on November 22 with the debut of Nailed It! Holiday, a series that blends the spirit of the season with outright baking chaos.  


Still, there’s more to the newest Netflix content dump than holiday programming. We also get a trippy French teen horror series, an anthology series built around Dolly Parton, two wildly glam international reality shows, a wedding-obsessed standup special from comedian Iliza Shlesinger, a yoga documentary adding to the #MeToo discourse, and some more foreign treats. 

How's a winter couch potato supposed to keep track of all this television?

We’re here to help. These are all the new Netflix offerings broken down by plot, genre, and whether you should watch something immediately or skip for now. Keep reading for the lowdown on all of these Netflix treats, including their trailers.

Nailed It! Holiday! (Season 2)

What is it?: Netflix’s holiday gift to you. 

What is it about?: Making you laugh until you spit out a Christmas cookie. Nailed It! Holiday! is the holiday-specific offshoot of Netflix’s baking fail-based competition series. 

This year, mainstay judges Nicole Byer and Jaques Torres will be joined by illustrious guest judges including Maya Rudolph, Jillian Bell, and Bridget Everett. Season 2 also welcomes back Holiday’s very best-ever guest judge, comedian Jason Mantzoukas, fresh off of his stint as Giant Dickinson Bee on Apple +. 

See or skip?: See. Nailed It! Holiday! will make your stomach hurt — but from laughter rather than dangerously undercooked cake batter.

The Knight Before Christmas

Premiere date: Thursday, November 21

What is it?: Vanessa Hudgens’ second Netflix Christmas movie

What is it about?: Figuring out what would happen if a dreamy medieval British knight fell through a time portal and ended up in front of Vanessa Hudgens’ car. You know, the eternal question. From there, much love and holiday cheer is born. 

See or skip?: See. You’re going to spend 90 minutes of your life watching this film. Please come to terms with that now. I promise, it is much funnier than you expect.

Holiday Secrets (Season 1)

Premiere date: Wednesday, November 20

What is it?: A German-language holiday miniseries shot a lot like Big Little Lies

What is it about?: Three generations of women in one very complicated family. Over Christmas, the group is forced to mend fences and come to terms with their darkest secrets from one seaside home. Figuring out the reason someone hid a gun in a rock next to the ocean may just be at the top of everyone’s to-do list. 

See or skip?: If you wish your holiday content had more well-lit family intrigue and less Hallmark-y cheese, this one is for you. Let’s call it Knight Before Christmas counter-programming.

Mortel (Season 1) 

Premiere date: Thursday, November 21

What is it?: A goddamn nightmare. 

What is it about?: Two teen boys (Carl Malapa and Némo Schiffman) who make a blood deal with a supernatural being following the disappearance of one of their brothers. Shockingly, a pact with a towering mysterious creature with glowing red eyes does not go well. 

Things go from bad to horrifying as one of the boys becomes addicted to their newfound otherworldly powers. At least they have the very cool Luisa (Manon Bresch), a fellow student with abilities of her own, on their side. 

See or skip?: See — Mortel is your spooky-sexy teen show fix as we await the return of Netflix’s Sabrina

Dolly Parton's Heartstrings (Season 1) 

What is it?: The world of Dolly Parton made television. 

What is it about?: Turning Dolly Parton’s iconic catalog of country music into standalone episodes. Heartstrings brings all of those tales together in a single anthology series. 

The Bold Type’s Katie Stevens, Once Upon a Time dreamboat Colin O’Donoghue, Scandal/Prodigal Son powerhouse Bellamy Young, Parton herself, and a gaggle of other fan-favorite actors all appear. 

See or skip?: If you love Dolly Parton, watch ASAP. If you’re open to a slightly loopy set of episodes featuring wildly beautiful actors, watch. Otherwise you can skip.

Singapore Social (Season 1) 

What is it?: The latest reason you’ll be dreaming of heading to Singapore. Move over, Crazy Rich Asians

What is it about?: A group of trendy Singaporeans traversing the space between traditional expectations and their oftentimes rebellious desires. While many series like this would only deal with the enviable partying of its stars, Social also delves into the emotional toll of trailblazing a progressive new path under the critical eye of one’s family. 

See or skip?: See, especially if you miss the drama of Made in Mexico.

Iliza Shlesinger: Unveiled

Premiere date: Tuesday, November 19

What is it?: An hour-long interrogation of our weirdest marriage rituals. 

What is it about?: The penis-themed memorabilia of bachelorette parties. The lack of vulva-themed memorabilia at bachelor parties. The ways brides are banned from the peak fun of weddings. All of these topics, and more, are explored in Unveiled, Iliza Shlesinger’s first special after getting hitched herself. 

While Shlesinger seems to be serving up straight down the middle comedy, she actually slides in some bitingly sharp feminist commentary while everyone is laughing about groomsman and terrible dancing. 

See or skip?: If you miss the comedic highs of Shlesinger’s 2013 special War Paint, sample Unveiled

Nobody's Looking (Season 1) 

What is it?: Another heaven-obsessed show, this time in the form of a Brazilian Portuguese dramedy. 

What is it about?: Ulisses (Victor Lamoglia) is the first new Angelus — or, to us, guardian angel — created in the last 300 years. Uli’s heavenly department, the Angelus System, has four supposedly unbreakable rules. But though some unruly behavior, Uli realizes those rules may not be so ironclad.  

What could this massive discovery mean for the world of Angelus and human alike? 

See or skip?: If you’re heartbroken about the end of The Good Place, see. Otherwise you can skip. 

High Seas (Season 2) 

What is it?: A Spanish-language Agatha Christie-style murder mystery. 

What is it about?: The Bárbara de Braganza, a fictional 1940s cruise liner sailing from Spain to Brazil, and its many gorgeous inhabitants. In season 1, those passengers are forced to solve the apparent murder of a mysterious woman. In season 2, the Braganza’s dwellers continue their terrible journey, this time accompanied by a group of castaways from a nearby sunken ship.

Soon enough, the Braganza is plagued by an entire new unexplainable death and maybe even a ghost. At least everyone looks great. 

See or skip?: See. High Seas is a glitzy whodunit with the DNA of a telenovela. What’s not to like?

Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator

Premiere date: Wednesday, November 20

What is it?: A chilling documentary adding to the #MeToo conversation. 

What is it about?: Bikram Choudhury, the founder of hot yoga who has also been accused of serial rape (he denies all allegations). Bikram uncovers the origin story of Choudhury. It also allows his victims to speak about what really happened in the so-called “cult like” breeding ground of the now-ubiquitous branch of yoga. 

See or skip?: If you’re up for a difficult conversation about alleged sexual assault and manipulation, see. Otherwise, skip for self care.  

Who Killed Little Gregory?, aka Grégory (Season 1) 

What is it?: A French-language true crime docuseries. 

What is it about?: Grégory Villemin, a sweet-faced French 4-year-old whose body was found in the Vologne river in 1984. What followed was a panic-stricken media circus that attempted to figure out who actually murdered Grégory. Mysterious letters, family drama, and ratcheting conspiracy theories all factor into the case.

See or skip?: If you love a Netflix true crime doc, see.

Mon Frère

What is it?: A French coming-of-age story with a bleak foundation. 

What is it about?: Teddy (MHD), a teen accused of a terrible crime who is sent to a juvenile educational living center to await trial. There, Teddy is tossed into a chaotic new environment filled with other boys awaiting their day in court. Could these kids actually learn something from each other other than even more violence? 

See or skip?: See if you’re ready for heavy emotions amid beautiful cinematography. Otherwise you can skip. 


No Time for Shame (Season 1)

Premiere date: Tuesday, November 19

What is it?: The reality show you didn’t know you wanted. 

What is it about?: Santiago Artemis, a boundary breaking Argentine fashion designer prone to wearing fantastic hats, luxuriously plush outerwear, and the kind of facial expression that would make Miranda Priestly proud. No Time for Shame season 1 revolves around Artemis’ upcoming gender neutral collection and love life. 

See or skip?: If you already stan Project Runway and Bravo drama, see ASAP. 

Lorena, La de Pies Ligeros

Premiere date: Wednesday, November 20

What is it?: A short documentary bound to inspire. 

What is it about?: Lorena Ramírez, an indigenous woman who is an extraordinary ultramarathon runner (anything over 26.219 miles is an ultramarathon). Lorena admires how its subject accomplishes her Herculean athletic feats with ease and sandals — no running sneakers needed. 

See or skip?: Much like Little Miss Sumo, Lorena is just 28 minutes long. There’s no reason not to enjoy the story of this remarkable woman.
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