Bella Hadid Has 3 Tiny Tattoos No One’s Noticed

Bella Hadid is one of the most famous models in the world right now, but there's still a lot that fans don't know about the 23-year-old. Sure, we've seen inside her fridge and follow her hair changes, but even something as public as her tattoos have flown under the radar.

Yes, Hadid has tattoos, albeit not many of them. Just like her best friend Kendall Jenner, Hadid tends to keep her ink really small — practically undetectable — and she only has three tats so far. Still, while Hadid doesn't have a massive collection (nothing near as big as Hailey Bieber's 19 and Dakota Johnson's 10), her designs are totally worth tracking down, which is exactly what we did.


Check out Hadid's tiny tattoo collection, ahead.

Hadid appears to have paid her first visit to celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy in January 2017, a favorite of Jenner and Bieber. There, she got a tiny tattoo of a wing on her right ankle.
She added a second wing to the opposite side of her ankle on the same day. No one knows exactly why Hadid gravitated towards the angelic design for her first ink experience, but fans are aware of the model's love for winged creatures. For example, one of her frequently-used emojis is the blue butterfly, which is even seen in her Instagram bio.
About six months later, Hadid returned to JonBoy at Bang Bang Studio to get a tiny rose tattooed on the back of her left arm. Again, no one knows the symbolism behind the flower tattoo, but there's no doubt the dainty design is a good one.
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