Every Veronica Mars Cameo From Season 4

Warning: There are slight spoilers ahead for Veronica Mars season 4 on Hulu.

While the big ticket moments of Hulu's Veronica Mars revival will undoubtedly involve Veronica (Kristen Bell) and Logan (Jason Dohring) getting steamy and Keith Mars' (Enrico Colantoni) banter with his Number One Daughter, it wouldn't be a proper return to Neptune without a few sneaky familiar faces. Luckily, Veronica Mars has celebrity cameos and drop-ins from a few characters from the original series that sweeten the deal.


The deal is already pretty sweet though, as the new season picks up after the 2014 Veronica Mars movie, which found our gal ditching her simple, perfect future as a big time lawyer with her now-ex boyfriend and This American Life producer Piz (Chris Lowell). Veronica has gone back to her roots, working with Keith to solve crimes in their seedy beach hometown. When the new season starts, yet another huge crime wave is hitting Neptune, and the culprits aim to legitimately hurt a lot of people, including Veronica and Keith.

Of course, with so much action going on in this darker, twistier new season, you might miss a few folks (or you know, need your memory jogged since it's been over a decade since the original series aired). You probably haven't spent the last 12 years cataloguing all of Veronica's past foes, vice principals, and cohorts.

Don't worry, we did.

Julie Gonzalo As Parker

You may remember Gonzalo's Parker from season 3 as the pain in all LoVe shippers' sides. She was just impossible to hate, even when she was throwing a wrench in our hopes of a Logan and Veronica reunion because she was genuinely a great person. The woman literally helped stop a rapist in the then-series finale.

She does make a brief appearance in the Hulu revival, but don't break into a cold sweat, folks: She's only in one scene.

Sarah Hyland As A Bar Patron That Dick Casablancas Strikes Out With

Who knew Hyland was such a big Veronica Mars fan? Before she was out there on Instagram, getting engaged to Wells Adams from Bachelor in Paradise, she was hanging out at a local Neptune club, making Dick (Ryan Hansen) regret he'd ever been born.

Adam Rose As Max

You might not be able to place Max's face right away, but he was one of the more memorable Hearst College students Veronica came across in her youth. Back then, he was using his smarts to sell test answers to slacking college kids. Now, he's taken his smarts to the very legal (in California) business of running a marijuana dispensary. In a very Max way, its name is How High Are You?.

Daran Norris As Cliff McCormack

There's something so comforting about seeing the most inept, jovial lawyer in Neptune appear out of nowhere. There isn't a single Mars Family jam that he wasn't present for, so of course Cliff shows up for a few sticky situations in the new season.
Photo: Courtesy of Hulu.

Ken Marino As Vinnie Van Lowe

Is your skin suddenly crawling? Are the hairs on the back of your neck standing up? Well, that must be because Vinnie Van Lowe has entered the building. He's not around for long in the new season of Veronica Mars, but in his short appearance he fully embodies, the man, the myth, the creepy legend that is Keith's P.I. rival Vinnie Van Lowe.
Photo: Courtesy of Hulu.

Rodney Rowland As Liam Fitzpatrick

Liam Fitzpatrick is also a total creep, but unlike Vinnie's completely hapless brand of creepiness, Fitzpatrick's comes with the threat of actual murder (or at least serious bodily harm). Let's not forget all the times he came this close to killing a member of the Mars family throughout the first three seasons of Veronica Mars. This guy showing up in Neptune again means things are getting very, very dangerous for Veronica.
Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images.

James Jordan as Tim Foyle

Even if you can't remember exactly why, the mere appearance of Tim Foyle should send a shiver down your spine. That's because while actor James Jordan did play Tim, a TA who murdered Hearst College Dean Cyrus O'Dell (Ed Begley, Jr.) as a matter of revenge, he had to do so with heavy hair and makeup because Jordan also played Lucky, the guy who stalked Gia (Krysten Ritter) and waved a gun around at Neptune High back in season 2.
Photo: Denise Truscello/WireImage/Getty Images.

Ryan Devlin As Mercer

Yet another villain taken down by Veronica, Mercer is a special kind of terrifying. He's the guy who raped multiple women at Hearst College by luring them in with kindness and comfort (see: roofied tea). Veronica was almost one of his victims, and the image of her running through the halls of a Hearst dorm, barely conscious, still haunts most fans to this day.
Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images.

Kyle Secor As Jake Kane

You cannot, I repeat cannot have a Veronica Mars mystery that doesn't at least reference a member of the all powerful, oh-so obnoxious Kane family. This time, we get an appearance from the technological overlord himself, Jake Kane. He's no longer just a heartless titan of industry and the father of Veronica's ex-boyfriend and deceased best friend: Now he's also got a fancy new 09-er high school named after him.
Photo: Courtesy of Duane Daniels Twitter.

Duane Daniels As Principal Van Clemmons

See, the one hazard of Veronica following her true passion and returning to her hometown to clean up all the crime is that she's destined to run into people she doesn't really want to see as an adult. Case in point: Principal Van Clemmons from Neptune High. He was constantly frustrated with Veronica's crime solving antics and continually stood in her way. Somehow, he's not given up on the whole high school gig after all that, though.
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