Veronica Mars Is All Grown Up In The Violent, Sun-Soaked Hulu Revival

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Welcome back to Neptune, Marshmallows! Things are...not good.
A new teaser for Hulu’s Veronica Mars revival has just dropped, revealing the big mystery that Kristen Bell’s titular character must unravel in order to save her hometown. Creator Rob Thomas promised fans a “SoCal noir,” which is exactly what we’re getting with the revival: As the teaser reveals, someone is murdering the spring breakers that descend upon Neptune every year in droves.
Unfortunately for this mysterious baddie offing vacationers, they’ll have to deal with super sleuth Veronica Mars. She's been in the private investigator game for a while, as she reminds fans in the teaser.
“When your best friend is murdered before your 17th birthday, you don’t develop a keen sense of mercy,” Veronica muses, moments before using her taser on a would-be mugger.
Muggers are the least of Neptune’s issues, of course: Bombs are going off all over the town, and Veronica is convinced that whoever is behind them wants to shut down Neptune’s spring break industry for good.
"Follow the money," advises Patton Oswalt, who yes, is also in this series — as is J.K. Simmons, and a slew of other familiar faces.
Unlike the original Veronica Mars series, which tackled a case-of-the-week in addition to an overarching, season-long mystery, the Hulu revival will reportedly focus on just the spring break nightmare.
"One big case," creator Thomas tweeted earlier this year. "Eight episodes to tell the story. This is a detective show."
While the original Veronica Mars never shied away from adult topics, there's something decidedly more grown-up about this version of the characters — and no, I'm not just talking about the long-awaited sex scene between Logan (Jason Dohring) and Veronica. (Apologies to the dozens of Veronica/Piz shippers out there.) Everything's a little grittier in this version of Veronica Mars, which previously aired on network television.
"It’s gonna be a much darker world. It’s going to be a bigger world. It’s definitely not what we did on UPN or The CW, so I want to brace fans for that — that it’s going to be darker and bigger and more cinematic, and definitely a little bit different," Bell told Entertainment Weekly's SiriusXM show in September 2018.
Check out the teaser below:
Veronica Mars heads to Hulu July 26.

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