Kristen Bell Doesn’t Want Her Daughter To Be Team Logan…Or Piz

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We have to be honest, we are beyond excited about Kristen Bell stepping back into her role of Veronica Mars after a seven-year hiatus. And, luckily for everyone, she is just as excited as her fans. She was an integral part in the Kickstarter campaign that launched almost exactly a year ago (talk about a quick turn around), making this week's release a reality and proving she is just as badass as her onscreen alter ego. We took a moment to chat with her at the NYC premiere of the Veronica Mars movie about her string of strong female characters, her recent No Kids Movement, and, yes, her opinion of the Logan vs. Piz debate.

You have played some strong female characters in the past year, which one of your protagonists would you most like your daughter to look up to?
"I would be happy with any of the females on Veronica Mars. Out of my characters, I would say anyone but Jeannie on House of Lies. I would let her make the decision, but anyone but Jeannie."

With your recent No Kids Movement how do you think publications should go about respectfully reporting on celebrity baby announcements?
"I think that has a lot to do with how the parents are comfortable. Because I don’t look at this as a celebrity issue; I look at it as a parenting issue. You have rights to sign a permission slip if you want your child photographed in school. Though I signed up to be an actress, I also signed up to be a mother, and I take that very seriously. So, I think that if an entertainer is comfortable with a photo shoot, or putting out pictures on social media, or taking a baby to a carpet, I am not here to challenge any parenting technique. I think it really has to be up to the parent; that is where the most respect lies."

Would you want your daughter to be on Team Piz or Team Logan?
"I want to let her make all of her decisions. But, secretly, I hope she finds both. I hope she finds the passion of Logan and the security of Piz."

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