Exclusive: Almost Everything On Glow Recipe Is Being Marked Down Up To 60%

With K-beauty firmly integrated into the modern skin-care vernacular, buying a set of fortifying face masks or a decadent essence is as readily accessible as "add to cart." (Not to mention it's a lot cheaper than booking a round-trip flight to Seoul.) And if you clicked on this article, you're probably familiar with one of the biggest power players in Korean skin care, Glow Recipe. They launched back in 2014, and in 2017, unveiled two in-house brands, the eponymous Glow Recipe (the makers of the internet-breaking Watermelon Sleeping Mask) and Sweet Chef, which can be found at Target. Now, they're beginning a new chapter in the brand, and we have all the exclusive details.

From today through the end of the month, the K-beauty retailer is kicking off a massive, site-wide clearance sale on its entire roster of brands, with the exception of its two in-house labels. Popular brands like Blithe, Jullai, and Leegeeham will be marked down anywhere from 20% to 60%, with products ringing in as low as $1.40. This special sale comes tied to a decision by the Glow Recipe founders to focus on their growing private label business. Come July, you'll only be able to shop Glow Recipe and Sweet Chef on the site — a move that wasn't made without a lot of careful thought beforehand.


"Since launching Glow Recipe, we’ve built a strong community through our curations and skin-care education," Glow Recipe co-founder & co-CEO Christine Chang exclusively tells Refinery29. "After much thoughtful deliberation, we decided to focus our team’s energy on our in-house brands so that we could give our customers what they’ve asked for: continued skin care innovation with Glow Recipe Skincare and Sweet Chef."

Now, hang on: We know that this may come as a surprise if you're used to the site being a one-stop-shop for all things K-beauty. That's why this blowout sale is every bit as much a gift for its shoppers as it is a major moment for the business. "We want to say thank you for all of the love, support, and feedback," Glow Recipe co-founder & co-CEO Sarah Lee says. "This all started with a brainstorm session over sheet masking and wine, and we had no idea that the things we had discussed that night — creating a new, joyful, empowering skin-care experience — would be possible."

As for what the future of the brand looks like? More of what you love, including tons of new products coming down the pipeline. "Our customers and community can expect a lot of exciting new developments ahead," Lee adds. "We have a number of unexpected formulas that we’re working on with Sephora, who have been 'in the kitchen' with us." All that said, we've done one final, epic deep dive into the site's many offerings to bring you the can't-miss products to stock up on now — shop them all here.

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Leegeeham Grow Tea Tree 70 Spot

Although this spot treatment is a nod to a syringe, this gentle acne gel contains a 70% concentration of soothing tea tree extract to gently zap zits without over-drying.
Leegeehaam Grow Tea Tree 70 Spot$26.00 $18.20 Buy

Whamisa Green Tea Foaming Cleansing Gel

Lather away pore-clogging dirt with this foaming cleanser, which contains green tea extract to leave skin refreshed and balanced.
Whamisa Green Tea Foaming Cleansing Gel$20.00 $18.00 Buy

Polatam Water Gel Extra Force Moisturizing Sheet Mask

These serum-soaked sheet masks are packin' with hydration, and for the duration of the sale, you can snag a box of six for $12. (That's $2 per mask!)
Polatam Water Gel Extra Force Moisturizing Sheet Mask$30.00 $1.68 Buy

Liz K First C Serum

One of the most popular (yet under-the-radar) vitamin C serums on the market, Liz K's brightening serum features 13% pure vitamin C (in the form of absorbic acid) in addition to vitamins A and E to exfoliate and soothe.
Liz K First C Serum Pure Vitamin C 13%$23.00 $18.40 Buy

J. One Red Jelly Pack

Red algae, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and papaya extracts in this gel mask work to brighten, hydrate, and smooth skin for a makeup-optional complexion.
J.One Red Jelly Pack$42.00 $37.80 Buy

Blossom Jeju Pink Camellia Soombi Essence Serum

In addition to smelling like a garden in a bottle, Blossom Jeju's hydrating serum gives you the dewiest glow imaginable and leaves you waking up with softer, smoother skin by morning. The first (and most potent) ingredient is camellia japonica flower extract, which is rich in antioxidants and instantly soothes stressed out skin.
Blossom Jeju Pink Camellia Soombi Essence Serum$64.00 $44.80 Buy

Common Labs Ggultamin E Real Jel Mask

Sheet masks are some of the most affordable beauty products around, and a sale on this level is your chance to get them at dollar-store prices. This two-step pack, which consists of a peel pad followed by a sheet mask, harnesses the power of vitamin E to soothe and renew your skin in 20 minutes flat.
Common Labs Ggultamin E Real Jel Mask$4.00 $1.40 Buy

Yuripibu Artichoke Power Essence

Artichokes: We love them on pizza, and they’re fair game as a skin-care ingredient, too. This essence is formulated with a whopping 60% artichoke extract, in addition to hydrating and repairing ceramides to get skin in tip-top shape.
Yuripibu Artichoke Power Essence$38.00 $15.20 Buy

Polatam Pure Cream Mask Firming Radiance

Polatam’s sheet mask is made from a Cupro sheet mask (which features a silkier texture, and is more absorbing than paper or conventional sheet masks) and is soaked in a milky essence that leaves skin looking instantly brighter and firmer. We suggest you stock up on these now while they cost less than a cup of coffee.
Polatam Pure Cream Mask Firming Radiance$7.00 $2.80 Buy

Make P:rem Radiance Me. Mild Essential Peeling

Gently slough off dead skin cells with a liquid exfoliating essence formulated with salicylic acid and hydrating squalane.
MAKE P:REM Radiance Me. Mild Essential Peeling$28.00 $19.60 Buy

MD's Pick Ampoulify Water Rubber Mask Charcoal

In addition to being just plain fun (who doesn't love to play chemist every once in a while?) this MD's Pick charcoal rubber mask instantly decongests skin, leaving pores pristine without stripping skin. Bonus points if you can peel it off in one giant, satisfying piece.
MD's Pick Ampoulify Water Rubber Mask in Charcoal$10.00 $4.00 Buy

J.One Haart Mermaid Glow Color Lip Tin

We're a sucker for good packaging, and it doesn't get cuter than these adorable tinted balms. Sweet almond and starflower seed oil shine as hydrating powerhouses, leaving lips perfectly prepped for lipstick.
J.One Haart Mermaid Glow Color Lip Tint$19.00 $7.60 Buy
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