The Best Wine Pairing For Your Face Mask

Illustration by: Isabella DiMarzio
Some things in this world are just made for each other. Like mac and cheese. Or Barack and Michelle. And, of course, face masks and wine. Even if you only have a drugstore jar of clay and a bottle of Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc, the combination is enough to make your Tuesday night so much more luxurious. You might be thinking, Hey, isn’t alcohol bad for your skin? Three rights make a left, but one wrong and one right just cancel each other out. Okay, yes, but we live by the motto of "everything in moderation." Maybe don't down the whole box of Franzia, then attempt a magnetic-mask number; just channel Oprah and live your best life.
Ahead, we put together a special wine-and-mask pairing menu for you to pull out on nights in. Whoever said beauty is pain clearly never tried this.

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