Beauty Editor-Approved Skin Care You Can Buy On Amazon Prime

Whether you're still freeloading off your parents' Amazon account info (crossing your fingers at every login that they didn't change the password) or you've splurged on your own subscription, it's an open secret that Prime is a game-changer. Well, gird your loins, people, because Prime Day 2020 is finally next week — and we have all the beauty finds worth adding to cart. (Mark those calendars for October 13-14!)

More than just a foolproof way to save money on practical yet unsexy items like phone cases and toilet paper, that little blue "Prime" logo means free, fast shipping on high-end finds like Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray or a Foreo cleansing brush. If you haven't ventured down the rabbit hole of Amazon Prime's Beauty & Personal Care section in a few months, you're in for a happy surprise, because it's gotten really good recently.


Check out all of our beauty editors' top skin-care staples, ahead. (Oh, and when you're done, be sure to check out our makeup and hair picks, too.)

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No B.S. Charcoal Peel Off Mask

"This face mask, which launched exclusively on Amazon, is sure to sell out as quickly as it vanquished my clogged pores. Unlike other black peel-off masks, this one is virtually painless (seriously, I didn't feel a thing) and is packed with charcoal. The magic ingredient is the secret to this mask's success — which, I'll be honest, wasn't enough to pique my interest on its own.

But combined with squalane (which improves skin elasticity and helps maintain moisture) and garden cress extract (which aids in hyperpigmentation and delivers a heavy dose of antioxidants), you've got a radically damage-repairing, skin-softening mask that can help with anything from cystic acne to dull, hangover-induced skin." —Samantha Sasso, Beauty Writer
No B.S. Charcoal Peel Off Face Mask, $45.00 $22.50 Buy

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

"These gel packets are a godsend for puffy undereyes. Stick two jelly patches on, close your eyes, take a few minutes to enjoy the refreshing cooling sensation, then peel them off to reveal plumper, brighter skin." —Megan Decker, Beauty Writer
Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, 8 Count, $32.00 Buy

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater

"Mario Badescu does drying spot treatments like no other, but their soothing rosewater face mist is an instant skin refresh. It's normally pretty cheap, but when you buy on Amazon, you can get two for $12. That's one for home and one for your desk, right there." —Decker
Mario Badescu Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater, $14.00 $12.00 Buy

Differin Adapalene Acne Treatment

"I wish I'd found this prescription-strength gel before I suffered through seven years of breakouts. Now that the zits are gone, the retinoid is tackling my next issue: wrinkles." —Cat Quinn, Beauty Director
Differin Adapalene 0.1% Acne Treatment Gel, $14.99 $8.66 Buy

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Clear Skin Sunscreen SPF 60

"Even with the longterm implications, any acne sufferer will tell you that they'd rather have a sunburn than a breakout. But this one counters both, and doesn't make your skin look even more like an oil slick." —Quinn
La Roche-Posay Anthelios Clear Skin Sunscreen for Oily Skin SPF 60, $19.98 Buy

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

"From bars to pumps and from $5 to $50, I feel like I've tried every cleanser in existence. Through it all, I can't stop going back to this one. Extremely gentle but still able to get every tiny bit of makeup off my skin, even Kim Kardashian West and Michelle Obama are fans. If it's good enough for those two, you bet it's good enough for me." — Rachel Lubitz, Senior Beauty Writer
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, $11.90 Buy

Peter Thomas Roth Potent C Power Serum

"This is the vitamin C serum that made me believe in vitamin C serums. Pricey, yes, but consider how after just three days of use I saw firmer, more even skin tone with a definite glow. Now, like many vitamin C products out there it does have a very distinct smell. Think campfire in the distance. But while that might be something you want to go to bed smelling like, for me it's the best part." — Lubitz
Peter Thomas Roth Potent-C Power Serum, $98.00 $83.30 Buy

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Purifying Foaming Cleanser

"I have oily skin, so I love a gel cleanser that means business as far as removing dirt and makeup is concerned. La Roche-Posay's leaves my skin feeling so fresh and so clean, but never irritated or stripped. The bottle is also huge, and has lasted me so long, I don't even remember not having it in my bathroom cabinet. Best $12 spent." — Karina Hoshikawa, Beauty & Wellness Market Writer
La Roche-Posay Toleriane Face Wash Cleanser, $12.74 Buy

Piperwai Natural Charcoal Deodorant Stick

"I've tried almost every natural deo out there, and this one is among the best of the best. I'm a naturally sweaty person, but this charcoal-based formula kept me B.O-free for an entire day, no touchups required." — Hoshikawa
PiperWai Natural Charcoal Deodorant Stick, $16.99 Buy

CosRx Acne Pimple Master Patch

"Acne just doesn't stand a chance against these clear hydrocolloid patches. One sheet literally costs less than a latte in New York City, and I love how these come in a variety of sizes — I use the tiny ones on small chin zits and larger ones on the stray body breakout." — Hoshikawa
CosRx Acne Pimple Master Patch 24 Count, $4.70 Buy

Jack Black All-Over Wash

"My boyfriend uses this stuff, and from the first time I showered at his apartment almost four years ago, I knew I was hooked for life. It smells so freakin' good, and leaves my skin feeling super soft after rinsing thanks to jojoba protein and panthenol. Plus, it lathers amazingly well for being sulfate-free." — Hoshikawa
Jack Black All-Over Wash, $21.00 Buy

Thayers Witch Hazel Toner Rose Petal Alcohol-Free

"I don’t care what anyone says about essences, elixirs, tonics, or treatment lotions: This simple toner is the only post-cleanser refresh you’ll ever need. (With the exception of my beloved P50, but that’s another, much more expensive story.) Made with aloe, glycerin, rose water, witch hazel, and not much else — and definitely no drying alcohol — it’s super soothing, hydrating, and overall balancing to my absurdly sensitive skin." —Rachel Krause, Senior Beauty Editor
Thayers Witch Hazel Toner Rose Petal Alcohol-Free, $9.28 Buy

iS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum Advance+

"Speaking of sensitive skin — if you have it, you have got to try this serum. Yes, it is pricey, but just trust me when I say it’s a wise investment. Something about the combination of vitamins A, C, and E with zinc, mushroom extract, and a teeny tiny hit of retinol makes it absolutely clutch for rosacea and acne, both of which I have, while also reducing inflammation and convincing freaked-out skin to calm the fuck down." —Krause
iS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum Advance+, $155.00 Buy

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 100

"Someone once called me 'milk skin' as an insult, which should give you an idea of just how fair I really am. Sun protection is a thing I have to think about every single time I leave the house, even just to go get 3-for-$5 avocados at the Key Food directly across the street from my apartment. That said, I have to think about it slightly less thanks to this unbeatable formula, which apparently incorporates a special technology that absorbs any excess oil so your face is left feeling clean and shine-free. I have also been known to use it on the rest of my body, which means I go through a lot of it, but #worthit." —Krause
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Lotion SPF 100, $10.99 $5.99 Buy

Bioderma Sensibio Moisturizing Face Mask for Sensitive Skin

"Everybody loves Bioderma’s micellar water, but did you know that they have a ton of other great, equally French pharmacie-chic products as well? This creamy mask, which soothes everything from sunburns to over-exfoliation, is just one of them. It says to use for 10 minutes, but I like to leave it on for much longer than that, then wipe it off with a toner-soaked cotton pad instead of rinsing for softer, less temperamental skin." —Krause
Bioderma Sensibio Moisturizing Face Mask for Sensitive Skin, $19.89 Buy

Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Intense Moisturizer

"I was first introduced to Image Skincare through a facialist at Heyday, who told me post-facial that she'd used exclusively Image products to give my skin a brightening boost. I had never heard of the low-key ugly label, but I started using the Vital C moisturizer when I travel, and found it to be the most hydrating moisturizer ever, making my skin glow every time I slather it on (that good vitamin C). It also smells like zesty orange peels, which I'm into." —Decker
IMAGE Skincare Vital C Hydrating Intense Moisturizer, $68.00 Buy

Vaseline Lip Therapy Lip Balm Mini, Rosy

"I'm not loyal to any lip balm, except Vaseline. I'll throw any old chapstick or lip tint in my tote bag when I leave the house, but this is the one that I keep on my dresser as a staple. It's just the OG petroleum jelly with a teensy tint of pink, so not sexy in the least, but it's a good $1.52 multi-tasker to have around." —Decker
Vaseline  Lip Therapy Lip Balm Mini, Rosy, $1.52 Buy

Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Face Mask

"I don't use this mask a ton, because it's super drying, but it's a godsend when my blackheads are getting out of control and my skin needs a quick refresh. I apply the thick, bright pink clay for a few minutes, and when I wash it off, my pores are smaller and the gunk is gone." —Decker
Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask, $49.00 Buy

Jergens Natural Glow Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer with SPF 20

"I'm always on the hunt for a gradual tanner for my face, one that will deliver a natural-looking glow without making me break out. Most formulas end up being too too harsh for my sensitive skin or end up streaky on my neck, but Jergens Natural Glow is pretty darn good. It's lightweight, buildable, oil-free, and less than $10." —Decker
Jergens Natural Glow Oil-free SPF 20 Face Moisturizer, $10.99 $6.75 Buy

Pai Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator

"I use a combination of chemical exfoliants and physical exfoliants to keep my skin smooth and whitehead-free. This one is a favorite because it's super gentle and doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped or raw." —Chan
Pai Skincare Organic Kukui and Jojoba Bead Skin Exfoliator, $48.00 Buy

Esarora Ice Roller for Face & Eyes

"I first saw this product all over Instagram and YouTube. I love how it's kind of the poor man's jade roller, but about three times bigger than most of the cooler options on the market. Maybe that's exactly why I love it: It's so uncool it's cool. It's just an added bonus that it reduces all my wine-induced puffiness, too." —Sasso
esarora Ice Roller for Face & Eyes, $11.99 Buy

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

"Micellar water is that skin-care product I just can't quit. In fact, I have an entire drawer dedicated it in my room to the cleanser genre in case I ever run out. This drugstore option is the one I have in abundance — and for a very pretentious reason. Long story short: When I was in Paris, I realized how expensive that famous Bioderma cleansing water can actually be (girl, it adds up). So, when I got back to the states, I decided to invest in a bulk supply of this one from Garnier that's cheap and always at the drugstore." —Sasso
Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water, $8.99 $6.96 Buy

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 15

"I'd argue that finding the right moisturizer is more important than finding the right partner. This was the first one I ever bought that convinced me soulmates are real — and they're made by Aveeno." —Sasso
Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15, $22.41 $13.64 Buy

Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water

"I’ve always suffered from sensitive skin, even as a kid, so my mom would carry this mist around to soothe my face. This product is entirely beyond Holy Grail for me — it’s been with me for most of my life. I even keep one at my desk now for when I feel I need a little wake-up spritz or my skin feels dry from the recirculated office air." —Thatiana Diaz, Beauty Writer
Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water, $18.50 Buy

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

"After I heard Eva Mendes and Lauren Conrad both used this magic in a jar, I felt obligated to try this out. I was awestruck by how hydrated it made my skin feel after just one night. I’ve also found so many other uses for it: post-shave moisturizing, taming baby hairs... What more could I ask for in a cream?" —Diaz
Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream, $31.99 Buy

Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Makeup Remover Pads

"For those nights where I’m looking for a quick cleanse, a.k.a after one too many margaritas, I have this at arms' reach in my room. With just one wipe, most of my makeup is off (even the waterproof mascara) and my skin feels refreshed." —Diaz
Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Makeup Remover Pads, $4.82 Buy

Cetaphil Fragrance-Free Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15,

"As lightweight as this lotion is, it’s perfect for everyday use. I enjoy taking extremely hot showers (I know, terrible for my skin) and this always comes to the rescue after I’ve unapologetically dried out my skin." —Diaz
Cetaphil Fragrance-Free Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15, $11.76 Buy
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