Target's Newest Beauty Launches Will Make Shopping Its Mega Sale So Much Easier

It sounds like a cliché — well, probably because it is — but as we hit the halfway mark of July, we're feeling ready to make some changes. For some, that might mean finally kicking those toxic relationships to the curb, or finding a new job that doesn't make you want to open your Headspace app more than twice a day. For us, it means revamping our vanities and makeup bags as if Marie Kondo herself were watching over us, as we ask ourselves if all 50 of our red lipsticks really do spark joy.

But here's the thing: We're not exactly Rockefellers, and we're guessing that, after all those early-summer vacation days, you might not be rolling in it right now either. So how can you make your daily regimen suitable for the heat of the season without stretching your budget beyond capacity? First, go to Target. (Second, go to Target again, because you definitely walked out without anything on your original list.) Then head home and relish in your haul of affordable new launches and everyday essentials.

Better still, in the past few months, Target has rolled out some brand new beauty products you've never seen before, including natural, more-earth-friendly innovations from brands you already love (like Captain Blankenship) and others you're about to fall in love with for the very first time.

The best spring and summer 2018 beauty launches to score at Target during its blowout summer flash sale, ahead.

This soothing, tea tree oil-infused mask helps fight a dry, itchy scalp faster than you can shave your legs.

Yes To Tea Tree Scalp Relief Soothing Hair Clay Mask, $2.99, available at Target.
Yes To Yes To Tea Tree Scalp Relief Soothing Hair Clay Mask - 1 fl oz, $2.99 Buy
Even if you want to love the cult-classic Glow Tonic, your sensitive skin just won't let you. Now, this rosy version of the popular exfoliating liquid will not only smooth your complexion, but reduce redness, too.

Pixi by Petra Rose Tonic, $15, available at Target.
When you've hit rock bottom on your dry hair, you turn to this mask. Thanks to an assortment of different oils, like burdock root oil, palmarosa oil, and umutanga oil, not only will your ends look healthier, but your scalp will, too.

Heavenly Halo by Mane Choice Herbal Hair Tonic & Soy Milk Deep Hydration Mask, $19.99, available at Target.
Not everyone has time to knock back a cup of coffee before hitting the shower. This body wash might be caffeine-free, but it does smell zesty enough to not make you want to go immediately back to bed and hit snooze 10 more times.

Method Body Energy Boost Body Wash, $6.99, available at Target.
Sometimes you just need to buy a $30 hand sanitizer that makes you feel chic as hell. Other times, you need to rely on one that smells like your local organic fruit stand and doesn't require you to max out a credit card.

Raw Sugar Coconut Lemon Verbena Natural Hand Sanitizer, $3.48, available at Target.
This peach-colored detangler has a major cult-following online, thanks to a lightweight, buildup-free formula that gently loosens knots all the way from your roots to your ends.

Aunt Jackie's Knot on My Watch Instant Detangling Therapy, $7.69, available at Target.
Brassy eight-week old highlights don't stand a chance against this purple shampoo. Expect icier, cooler-toned hair in one wash.

Kristin Ess The One Purple Shampoo, $12, available at Target.
When you hear the word "detox," you probably think of a drying, no-mercy clay mask. Luckily, Bliss is offering up a new whipped formula that feels like a cloud is oh-so-gently vacuuming out your pores.

Bliss Pore Patrol Detox Four Clay Soufflé Mask, $9.99, available March 18 at Target.
Designer Christian Siriano will be the first to tell you that makeup is just about making you feel beautiful — however that might be. Luckily, he's created an eyeshadow palette that's basically a bird of paradise for the drugstore. Bonus: It's kind of like a smaller, cheaper version of Fenty's Galaxy Palette.

E.L.F. x Christian Siriano Eyeshadow Palette, $12, available at Target.
An eco-friendly, affordable haircare line that actually helps you save water without even really trying is so 2018 — and we're into it.

Love Beauty & Planet Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Shampoo, $6.99, available at Target.
If you want a vegan-friendly, no-frills version of that cult scrub, here's your best option. And you can trust this gritty exfoliator (thank the demerara sugar and Himalayan salt for that) won't leave one dry patch behind.

Bean Body Coconut Coffee Bean Body Scrub, $16.99, available at Target.
Luckily, the trendiest fragrance note won't always cost you somewhere in the triple digits, and this under-$30 option (that smells like Amangiri's $1,900 suite) is your best bet.

Good Chemistry Cool & Collected Eau de Parfum in Mineral Desert, $24.99, available at Target.
There's really nothing too special about soap, but when it's made of French clay for a light exfoliation and smells like a bouquet of flowers, you chock up the purchase to expanding your self-care routine and treat yourself to an hour-long bath.

Meow Meow Tweet Pink Rose Clay Facial Soap, $8, available at Target.
The eye cream your friends won't judge you for bringing to brunch. Sure, you showed up with last night's mascara on your cheek, but at the very least your eyes are de-puffed.

Rebel's Refinery Rehab Roller Under Eye Moisturizer, $9.99, available at Target.
The style refresher you need if you hate the beach, but want to look like Ariel before you leave for the subway.

Captain Blankenship Sailor Sea Salt Refresh Hairspray, $14.99, available at Target.
We'd never suggest you skip deodorant altogether (unless that's your thing), but these wipes will help you smell good if you have to run from Pilates to dinner.

Pacifica Pineapple Underarm Deodorant Wipes, $8.99, available at Target.
A '80s and '90s hip hop-inspired hair-care line all less than a single SoulCycle class? We're sold.

The Doux The Light Weightless Shine Mist, $14.99, available at Target.
Not only is brushing on an overnight formula spiked with antioxidant-rich blueberries, greek yogurt, and probiotics faster than applying it with your hands, but this one also sinks in fast, feels endlessly luxurious, and won't grease up your pillowcase.

Yes To Blueberries Recharging Greek Yogurt & Probiotics Sleeping Mask, $15.99, available at Target.
Think of this formula as the liquid lipstick for people who hate liquid lipsticks: It goes on smooth, dries comfortably, and doesn't require a double cleanse at the end of the night to remove.

No7 Matte Liquid Lipstick, $9.99, available at Target.
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