These Art-Inspired Beauty Products Will Make You Seem Like You Know What You're Talking About

Andy Warhol is often credited with coining the famous saying, “Art is anything you can get away with.” What’s not quite as well known is that he supposedly poached the quip from Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan — and yes, Warhol did, in fact, get away with it. As Pablo Picasso once said (or was it Igor Stravinsky, or perhaps William Faulkner?), “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”

If a knack for the disingenuous is vital for creating good art — and the proper credit of a classic quote seems to depend on which website you visit first — then why not do a little faking it yourself? Even if you don’t know the difference between a Vermeer and a van Gogh, you can still find a way to embrace the dilettante life with a new crop of beauty products that pay homage to iconic artists, both contemporary and otherwise, without getting too esoteric.

Ahead, a few of the best art-inspired products out right now — and some context for each of them, should anyone ask you what, exactly, your expensive candle has to do with French street art. Consider it a sort of SparkNotes for your creative side.

Model, actress, and all-around muse Rossy de Palma might not be a household name in the U.S., but she’s an icon in her native Spain, where she’s as famous for her unique look as she is her lengthy filmography. The star, often described as a Picasso painting come to life, has now inspired her own limited-edition MAC collaboration, with special packaging that mirrors her features — eyes, nose, and lips — in an homage to cubism. Even cooler: You’ll find the exact shades of this eye look in the palette inside.

MAC Rossy de Palma Colours on the Verge Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow, $32, available at MAC Cosmetics starting October 5 through November 16.
Andy Warhol’s 1967 project “You’re In” is not one of his best-known works, partly because a collection of bottles filled with something that resembles pee doesn’t have quite the same universal appeal as a silkscreen painting of Marilyn Monroe. But theres more: The artist got hit with a cease-and-desist from Coca-Cola for co-opting their packaging for that very purpose. Luckily, this revival captures the irreverent vibes of the original project and makes it a delightful collector’s item that is approximately 1/1,273rd the price of the real thing. (It smells good, too.)

Comme des Garçons Andy Warhol’s You’re In, $95, available at DSMNY.
Developed as a response to the classic, academic art that defined Europe at the time — and characterized by the use of natural forms with an emphasis on curved, flowing lines and the rich colors of plants and flowers — art nouveau is a French term that translates to “new art.” With that in mind, this fall nail color collection puts a modern spin on the usual rustic, seasonal shades, enhancing muted tones like taupe and terra cotta with brighter, fresher pigments to make them feel nouveau again.

JINsoon Art Nouveau Collection, $18 each, available at JINsoon.
Art has always played a key role in the Diptyque identity — the brand’s three founders came from fine art and décor backgrounds — but this year’s limited edition winter collaboration with French street artist Philippe Baudelocque is one of its most visually appealing collections yet. Known for his elaborate chalk murals that bring mythical animals to life through celestial patterns, Baudelocque’s famous constellations can now be found in fancy candle form.

Diptyque Incense Tears Candle, $70, available in November at Diptyque.
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