Nasty Women Are Getting Tattoos After The Women's March

Last week's Women's March was a historic event that showed legislators just how many of us are willing to fight for gender equality, LBGTQ rights, healthcare access, and so much more. Across the world on that day, it was impossible to turn on the news, walk out the door, or log on to social media without being hit by a wave of inspirational messages and powerful artwork on shirts, signs, and banners.

And the passion hasn't died down just because the protest ended. Search #feministtattoo on Instagram and you'll notice a surge of posts since Saturday that document the beautiful and badass ink people are getting to memorialize this moment in time.

One popular design? The delicate Venus symbol placed on the base of a finger (we'll let you guess which one). Others went for can’t-miss-it pieces, like an oversized portrait of a suffragette. And of course, there's a whole lot of don't-mess-with-me text. Ahead, see how today's feminists are wearing their ethos on their sleeves, wrists, and ankles. The ink is so cool, it might just be worth facing your fear of needles.

Photo: Via libertinepoke/Instagram.
Love, hope, and feminism converge in this delicate design.
Photo: Via rat666tat/Instagram.
This firecracker tat shows off your patriotism while also sending a strong message to the patriarchy.
Photo: Via ritualarttattoo/Instagram.
This suffragette portrait serves as a good reminder of how far we've come — and how to keep moving forward.
Photo: Via ginelletesta/Instagram.
Let the world know you are not to be messed with.
Photo: Via dana.lea.allen/Instagram.
We’re in love with this minimal cat ear design — and we’re not the only ones. In her caption, the poster wrote of her first tattoo, “I will never forget how I felt marching on Saturday, and wanted a little something to take with me. I seriously cannot stop staring at it!”
Photo: Via sadpupclub/Instagram.
Clap back to the unenlightened folks who tell you to smile as you're walking down the street.
Photo: Via sinsandsequins/Instagram.
Okay, ladies, now let's get in formation...
Photo: Via jeki.luck/Instagram.
You better hope you don't see this palm heading toward your face.
Photo: Via ninasouzaoliveira/Instagram.
This image of 2D feminist Lucy Van Pelt, of Charlie Brown fame, notes that the personal is political.
Photo: Via savvyqueen_xo/Instagram.
Strength and progression are marked in this typographic tattoo. The poster notes, “Over the years I have learned my self worth, and that no matter how much people may try to silence me, my voice will only get louder. I may be a damsel, but I will not let you put me in distress.”
Photo: Via datjenny360/Instagram.
When life gives you lemons, make like Beyoncé. “I was gonna get ‘smash the patriarchy’ tatted on my neck but settled on a lemon behind my ear," the poster wrote on Instagram.
Photo: Via uvethekid/Instagram.
Toughness and femininity tango in this black, white, and red graphic design.
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