15 Chic Bridal Parties We Double-Tapped On Instagram

We know weddings are getting less traditional by the year, and that's just limited to switching up the standard rules, like the bride having to wear white — it's affecting bridesmaids, too. Luckily, that means a lot less one-dress-fits-all bridal parties, and no more pink and puffy-shouldered pieces that look straight out of your parents' photo albums. Instead, many bridal parties (of course, if the person getting married even chooses to have a bridal party at all), are going for more refined, laid-back looks: Some settle on color scheme or fabric and let the dresses vary from there, others are still a bit matchy-matchy (just, in a good way), and some are even all wearing white. (Seriously!)

All it takes is a quick scroll through Instagram to see all of these new, non-traditional bridal party outfits in action — and they look so chic? Click ahead to see some of the most gorgeous bridesmaid dresses (and jumpsuits!) we've seen lately. Let's just say now would be a good time to put that Instagram "save" feature to use.

The mules! The jumpsuits!
Of course Harley Viera-Newton's bridal party wore matching HVN dresses.
Leave it to Pernille to have chic getting-ready pajamas for her crew.
These perfectly-simple silk slip dresses are by Deitas, and they're the kind of bridesmaid dresses you can totally wear again after the wedding.
More silky slips to lust after.
Looking amazing on and off bridesmaid duty.
Love a good gradient effect.
The getting-ready outfit matters too, you know.
Jumpsuits for the win.
Squad swimsuits, anyone?
You don't see these yellows and browns as bridesmaid colors too often, but we love how they work together.
This whole party is absolutely slaying.
These ladies are glowing in their jewel-toned dresses.
Chic and cozy.
A stunning wedding party in a rich gray.
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